Posted in GRAND PRIX UTRECHT 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 10, 2014

By Tobi Henke

In this all-Czech feature match, No. 6-ranked Stanislav Cifka met Lukas Blohon. While Cifka was clearly the bigger name here, with three Grand Prix and two Pro Tour Top 8s to his name, including one win, Blohon was no slouch either and could boast two Top 8s at Grand Prix and one at the Pro Tour. Also, at least one of the players would still be able to improve his Grand Prix stats here this weekend: with records of 10-2 they were still in the running for yet another Top 8—with a win this round.

Blohon brought White-Black Midrange, while Cifka came equipped with White-Blue Control. Before sideboarding, the match-up favored the control deck but for the second and third game the black deck would be able to replace superfluous creature removal with more discard. Also, Pack Rat has been known to steal games, no matter what.

No. 6-ranked Stanislav Cifka

Game 1

Blohon started slow with Lifebane Zombie as his first and, for quite a while, only threat. Cifka stopped it via Syncopate, then deployed Jace, Architect of Thought and began generating some extra cards. Blohon was stuck with a hand of removal but no Hero's Downfall.

He tried Blood Baron of Vizkopa next. Cifka thought long and hard how to best deal with the threat, not for lack of options but rather because of an overabundance of answers. Blohon suggested Cifka simply show his hand. Cifka did, revealing multiple Sphinx's Revelations as well as a Supreme Verdict, and Blohon conceded.

Lukas Blohon 0-1 (6) Stanislav Cifka

Game 2

This game began with Pack Rat ... and ended with a lot of Pack Rats. Cifka tried to find an answer with the help of Quicken and Divination but lost his Supreme Verdict to Blohon's turn-four Duress. That was it. Both players, Blohon as well as Cifka, were quite amused by the simplicity of it all, chatting and laughing all through the match.

Lukas Blohon 1-1 (6) Stanislav Cifka

Lukas Blohon

Game 3

After several mulligans split between the two players, Pack Rat once again came down on turn two and immediately started multiplying. Blohon's Sin Collector was dissolved; however his Thoughtseize resolved and made Cifka discard Sphinx's Revelation.

Cifka was able to deal with the immediate threat of the Rats, yet Blohon found another angle of attack and pulled ahead on cards with first one, then a second copy of Underworld Connections. Thanks to Blohon's massive barrage of discard, Cifka soon was in a situation where only a topdecked Sphinx's Revelation could help him. He found one, and cast it for six new cards, but he lost his Planar Cleansing to another Duress.

Cifka dealt with yet more Rats, removed one Underworld Connections via Deicide, but again found himself without cards. Blohon lost his remaining Underworld Connections to Planar Cleansing but was still somewhat connected to the netherworld via Erebos, God of the Dead. A pair of Mutavaults took Cifka to 3.

Sphinx's Revelation took Cifka back to 10, unfortunately the extra cards didn't contain an answers, and Cifka soon extended his hand in concession.

Lukas Blohon 2-1 (6) Stanislav Cifka