Posted in GRAND PRIX UTRECHT 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 10, 2014

By Oliver Gehrmann

Only two more wins to walk away with a Grand Prix title in Utrecht. First, the four remaining players had to overcome their respective opponents in the semi finals, though.

The first semi finals pitted Oliver Polak-Rottmann against Susanne Bornelöv!

It would be Oliver Polak-Rottmann against Susanne Bornelöv in a Mono-Blue Devotion vs. Black Devotion match on the first table while Richard Webels and his Blue-White Control went up against Eliott Boussaud and his take on Mono-Blue Devotion on the second table.

Oliver Polak-Rottmann had the most explosive of starts with a Cloudfin Raptor and Frostborn Weird. Bornelöv tried to fight back with a Pack Rat, but when Polak-Rottmann cast two copies of Master of Waves with the first getting him four and the second one five tokens, Bornelöv was staring down a huge problem!

Master of Waves turned this game into a very one-sided affair!

An Abrupt Decay held Cloudfin Raptor at bay, but when Polak-Rottmann turned all of his cards sideways the following turn, Bornelöv started accessing her sideboard.

Oliver Polak-Rottmann claims the lead!

Meanwhile, on the other semi finals table, little was happening. "2 cards were countered so far" was Frank Karsten's minimalistic and matter-of-factly analysis of the situation. While the German was holding on to all of his copies of Supreme Verdict that were apparently great in the match-up, Boussaud had the perfect counters: Mutavault, Thassa, God of the Sea and Bident of Thassa.

Webels wiped Boussaud's field time and time again, but the French player simply rebuilt it twice with Master of Waves, all the while sneaking in a few points of damage here and there and drawing new cards thanks to Bident of Thassa.

Boussaud had exactly what he needed against Richard Webels!

In the end, Boussaud remained victorious when Webels also started running low on removal.

Eliott Boussaud leads 1 - 0 against Richard Webels!

In the second game on the first table, Polak-Rottmann once again started with a Cloudfin Raptor while Bornelöv's first play was a Thoughtseize on her second turn that cost the Austrian a Bident of Thassa.

Bornelöv had an early Thoughtseize in the second game!

The game turned into a race where Polak-Rottmann added a second Cloudfin Raptor and two copies of Tidebinder Mage while Bornelöv cast not one but two copies of Desecration Demon!

Polak-Rottmann simply added new creatures that he sacked right away to make sure Bornelöv's Demons couldn't block and the Swede was quickly down to just 2 life.

Bornelöv passed and Rottmann declared an attack with his Cloudfin Raptor. Did Bornelöv have an answer?

Yes, she did: Abrupt Decay. Polak-Rottmann then shuffled up, staring down two huge Desecration Demons with no immediate answers.

Susanne Bornelöv ties the score!

Polak-Rottmann had a slower start in the deciding game, but he was still a little ahead with two Frostburn Weird, Nightveil Specter and Tidebinder Mage on the field. Bornelöv had an answer for the flying creature with Bile Blight, though, and when she added a second Desecration Demon, the game took a huge swing in her direction.

That changed once again when Polak-Rottmann cast a Master of Waves that provided him with 8 (!) tokens. He now had more than enough "fodder" to shut down Bornelöv's Demons for turns to come.

A huge Master of Waves decided the third game between Polak-Rottmann and Bornelöv!

While a Gray Merchant of Asphodel caused a minor swing once again, it wasn't enough; Polak-Rottmann simply turned all of his creatures the following turn and even though Bornelöv had a blocker in Scavenging Ooze, it wasn't enough.

Oliver Polak-Rottmann advances to the finals!

Richard Webels and Eliot Boussaud just started their second game since the judges had to interfere to ensure a fair environment that caused a longer delay.

Few things happened during the first few turns; Boussaud cast threats (Bident of Thassa, Master of Waves) and Webels countered them (Gainsay, Dissolve). Webels went looking for some new answers with Jace, Architect of Thought, but two copies of Mutavault dealt with it.

The tables got turned when Boussaud started countering - he attempted to Negate an Elixir of Immortality, but Syncopate foiled that plan. That was a close one for Webels, but he wasn't out of the danger zone just yet.

He had to resolve a big Sphinx's Revelation to re-stock, but Boussaud had once again two mana open.

Did the French have the answer?

He did, Gainsay!

Boussaud had enough threats to keep Webels busy throughout the game!

After that crushing blow, Webels couldn't quite recover and just a few turns later, he extended the hand.

Eliott Boussaud advances to the finals!