Posted in GRAND PRIX UTRECHT 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 10, 2014

By Oliver Gehrmann

The Standard metagame is ever evolving, but there are still a few select cards that try to push it in certain directions. Check out which additions of M15 broke our Top 5 Cards and which time-tested cards have added yet another appearance to their already impressive resume...

5. Mutavault

The most-represented non-basic-land card in the Top 8 was Mutavault and if it weren't for the fact that we saw three Blue Devotion Decks there, chances are it would have been the most-played card in the Top 8 overall! Apart from two players that "only" played three copies each, everybody else maxed out on the "best card in Standard".

Mutavault is versatile, it provides you with additional threats without having to sacrifice lands, it can work around Supreme Verdict and last, but certainly not least, it is a Goblin, which matters when we look at the next card...

4. Goblin Rabblemaster

The namesake of the "Rabble Red Deck" can apply a lot of pressure all by itself. On top of that, even if your opponent has a quick answer on their very next turn, you will get to keep a Goblin token courtesy of the Goblin leader.

It synergizes well with the one drops in the deck: Foundry Street Denizen and Legion Loyalist and that makes it the perfect treat for any kind of aggressive Red Deck. This weekend, it worked wonders for Armel Primot, catapulting him into his first Top 8 at a Grand Prix.

P.S.: If your opponent leaves it unchecked, it will also allow you to cast our next card for free!

3. Stoke the Flames

This card simply does everything you want as a red mage. It works well with Young Pyromancer and Goblin Rabblemaster (it allows you to avoid attacking with your Goblins), it gets rid of Courser of Kruphix and in the "worst case scenario", it still takes out one fifth of your opponent's life. Often, that "worst case" quickly transforms into the "best case" when you wrap up the game by setting the whole table ablaze!

The card was not only one of the cornerstones of Armel Primot's Rabble Red deck, it was also featured prominently in Alex Stok's Boros Burn Deck, keeping the dream of the home crowd alive by elevating one of their own into the Top 8.

2. Pack Rat

"Thoughtseize, Pack Rat, good game?" - that was the question Thoralf Severin asked his friend Florian Koch when they were still leading the field in their round 11 feature match. This one-two punch single-handedly decided many a game this weekend and once again helped a lot of Black Devotion and Black-White Midrange players to lead the field for a large portion of the weekend.

That alone isn't enough to make the cut for an entry in our Top 5 cards, but since it kept Ciprian Caprana's dream alive a little longer in the Top 8 (before Detention Sphere crushed said dream) and it also carried Susanne Bornelöv to the semi finals, Pack Rat has once again more than earned its spot.

1. Master of Waves

The three games of the semi finals between Susanne Bornelöv and Oliver Polak-Rottmann concluded in lightning fashion; in the second game, Bornelöv cast two Desecration Demons and Polak-Rottmann didn't have enough "fodder" to deal with the thirst of the black creatures. In the first and the third game, Master of Waves provided him with more than enough tokens to steal the game and advance to the finals.

There, it once again showed why it is the crown jewel of the Blue Devotion decks; it can't be considered much of a drawback having to focus on cards with lots of blue mana symbols in their upper right corner when Thassa, God of the Sea and Master of Waves provide you with the ultimate reward.

Master of Waves is difficult to kill, it can single-handedly manage everything a red mage is throwing your way, it's even great in the mirror, it won Oliver Polak-Rottmann his first Grand Prix trophy and that's why it is our number one card for the weekend!