Around the Multiverse: Grand Prix Utrecht Edition

Posted in Event Coverage on May 31, 2015

By Tobi Henke

This may be the grandest of all Grand Prix weekends, but it is also a special occasion to celebrate and commemorate all things Magic, the game's heritage and its players. For over two decades now, Magic: The Gathering has remained the most popular trading card game of the world, with more than 20 million fans and active players across all ages and nationalities.

The coverage team as well as our friends from the community team have gathered impressions from the vibrant and diverse culture of the game, the friendships formed, the most cherished moments, the shared histories of as many people as possible, but of course the following can only be a snapshot …

Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury

"My daughter is named after an MTG character! Her name is Freya. My partner doesn't play—she just thinks it's a good name. Freya is a versatile name from lots of stories, but it always makes me think of Magic."

Giant Fan

"It's windy up here, but the view is great!"

Travel Preparations

"I drove a thousand miles to get here from Oslo, Norway, in my Lomax kit car. It doesn't have a roof or seatbelts, it broke down once along the way (alternator belt snapped), and I got severely sunburned on my nose ... but I'm super happy to be here with all my friends now!"

Common Cause

"I am a very active judge. After I moved from my small town to Paris I met so many new friends through Magic."

Otherworldly Journey

"I traveled all the way here from South Africa with my friend to compete!"

Solidarity of Heroes

"I hope I do well, but mostly I hope I pull something good. I'm actually a disgusting casual Commander player."

"Aren't we all?"

Big Game Hunter

"It's our first GP. We heard this was a big one, and they were right!"

Common Bond

Maximilien and Natalia met at a Magic tournament in Paris a few years ago. They are now married and both playing at Grand Prix Utrecht.

Signal the Clans

"It's so my friends can find me easier."

Wirewood Pride

"I do have a Grand Prix Top 8 myself, but my proudest Magic achievement is that I taught my husband how to play two and half years ago. Since then, he's made the Top 8 of two Grand Prix!"

You can find more at the Around the Multiverse photo album on Magic's official Facebook page!

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