Impressions from Modern Masters 2015 edition draft in Utrecht

Posted in Event Coverage on May 31, 2015

By Craig Gibson and Olle Rade

As a player there few things are more exciting than cracking up the first booster for a draft on Day 2 of a Grand Prix. You build your deck, lay it out in front of you and tweak the final cards. And then you're either happy as a bird or sad as a cucumber depending on how the deck turned out.

We took a look at some of all the excited players and good looking decks after the first draft this morning in Utrecht. Sweet brews, mythic rares and big smiles were all around as almost 400 players finished building their decks.

Here are some of them!

Elesh Norn and Kozilek, sitting in a tree. W-I-N-N-I-N-G.

Green tokens, one of the exciting archetypes in Modern Masters, 2015 edition

Midnight Banshee, certainly a card that brings out a smile.

Can't settle for one of the core archetypes of Modern Masters 2015 edition? Just combine as many of them as possible!

What's better than Midnight Banshee? Midnight Banshee AND Profane Command of course.

Blue-white affinity for artifacts. By many considered one of the stronger archetypes in the format.

Happy as can be, when Vendilion Clique lands on your side of the draft table.

A different take on blue-white.

Dutch player Bart van Etten is bringing his Swans of Bryn Argoll to the tables in the first draft of the day.

There's always a good reason to get your Goblin War Paint on!

Mirror Entity – part Human, and part every other creature type in the game.

Artifacts, artifacts everywhere, and all the decks will win!

Former King of the Hill, Patrick Dickmann with some spicy cards from his draft deck.

Champions, Enforcers, Dispatches and a Command. A sweet looking deck indeed!

Portuguese Marcio Carvalho, the Eldrazi in the room!

Four or even five colored decks were certainly a good strategy in sealed deck. Let's see if it's as good in draft!


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