King of the Hill Summary

Posted in Event Coverage on May 30, 2015

By Olle Rade

Patrick Dickmann, being the Modern Master he is, started the day as our King of the Hill in Utrecht. After enjoying the three byes entitled to him as a Platinum Pro he began out the day by taking on Polak Michal Gajewski in the feature match area for Round 4.

And although it looked like Dickmann might be in trouble after missing his third land drop in game one it was smooth sailing from there on. A Sunspear Shikari equipped with Copper Carapace gained enough life to put him back into the first game. It even gave Dickmann a big enough advantage to win through a Comet Storm. He finished the match in style in game two, when a Devouring Greed for 12 points of damage sent him on a path to a 4-0 record.

Sunspear Shikari with Copper Carapace fought bravely against Rusted Relic with friends.

In Round 5, the contender for the throne was Englishman Tom Richards, with an impressive looking 5-color deck filled with Etched Oracle and Skyreach Manta. Dickmann however, displayed the strength of his Black-White deck with synergistic cards like Ghostly Changeling, Moonlit Strider, Scuttling Death and Thief of Hope. Taking the first game with a continues flow of Soulshift, and once again taking the match with a huge Devouring Greed, forcing a concession from his noble opponent.

English Tom Richards was Patrick Dickmann's Round 5 opponent.

The soulshifting continued in Round 6, when Patrick Dickmann took on Dutchman Lok-Tin Lau. Recurring Nameless Inversion proved to be good against the Dutchman's Green-Black deck, and in the end an Etched Monstrosity fought it's way through an army of Thallids and Living Weapons to cling a 6-0 record for Patrick Dickmann.

Lok-Tin Lau put up a good fight against Patrick Dickmann in the battle for King of the Hill.

Round 7 was a Black-White mirror match against Italian Renato Limongelli, who's removal heavy deck seemed to be a fine match-up for Dickmann's Soulshift minions. However, Etched Champion along with two artifacts forced a decider after Dickmann winning game one. In the end however, Dickmann outdrew the Italian with both Mulldrifter and Sign in Blood, that along with his creatures with Soulshift took the game and the match. Patrick Dickmann still looking strong as King of the Hill, now with a 7-0 record.

Czech player Tomas Vanek was next on the menu for Dickmann. And it looked like the Czech would be the one to knock him down the hill. The first game went to the Czech, and with his back against the wall in the second, Dickmann found a timely Shrivel, that swept an army of tokens on the Czech side to take the game. Finally an unexciting mulligan to three(!) for Vanek in the decider led to yet another victory for Dickmann.

Czech Tomas Vanek was thwarted by a mulligan to three in the deciding game.

The last and final round was not only a battle to be the new King of the Hill, but also a fight for the pristine 9-0 record for the day. The winner would get to start tomorrow in pole position and with a good shot at making the Top 8 with two decent drafts. On one side of the table – Patrick Dickmann (of course), and on the other Vladimir Makovsky of Belarus.

The final battle of the day for King of the Hill, Patrick Dickmann versus Vladimir Makovsky

The match was intense. Makovsky took the first game with Overwhelming Stampede. Doing a good job of displaying the strength of his deck that also featued Creakwood Liege, Mirror Entity and Wilt-Leaf Liege. Dickmann came back in the second, when Makovsky could find nothing but lands, a Kami of Ancient Law and the Overwhelming Stampede. That suddenly looked weak without other creatures on board.

In the decider Dickmann came out strong, with a Fulminator Mage on turn three to take out Makovsky's newly played Dimir Aqueduct. This left the Belarus without mana to cast the Creakwood Liege in his hand and Dickmann looked like he would win with an Etched Monstrosity.

Sphere of the Sun from the top of the Belarus deck solved the problem, and when his next draws were Scion of the Wild, Wilt-Leaf Liege and Oblivion Ring Patrick Dickmann could only throw out his arms, exasperated to finally succumb his title as King of the Hill to Vladimir Makovsky.

So at the end of the day there was a new king, and his name is Vladimir Makovsky!

The new King of the Hill, Vladimir Makovsky

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