Quick Question: What’s the Most Misplayed Card in Modern

Posted in Event Coverage on February 22, 2015

By Marc Calderaro

Modern is an extremely difficult format to master. There are incredibly powerful cards, that are incredibly hard to play properly. In fact, sometimes the decision is whether to play the card at all. What cards do the pros think are the most often misplayed?

Ian Farnung
– The hardest card to play is Thoughtseize. You need to know how your opponent’s deck functions. So you need to know every deck in Modern, and what their best card is. It’s real difficult.

(11) Reid Duke
Path to Exile. It’s put in more decks than it should be. People don’t understand the extremely high cost of giving their opponent an extra land in this format.

Alexander Hayne
Leyline of Sanctity. People bring it in against decks like Storm, but if they’re even playing one Echoing Truth, you’re just mulliganing. [Tom Martell added that Jon Finkel even forgot to side in his Truth and still won against Leyline with Goblin Electromancer beatdown.]

Brian Kibler
Snapcaster Mage, or something like Serum Visions [after some discussion with Hayne]. I’ve seen so many people scry then fetch; I don’t know what they’re doing.

Dan Lanthier
Arcbound Ravager. I’ve beaten two Affinity opponents today who weren’t playing that card right. They were too conservative, and weren’t recognizing how powerful it is . . . [but] Affinity is probably the most difficult aggro deck to all time to play.

Eugene Hwang
Cryptic Command. There’s a lot you can do with it, but there are so many modes, and you have to cast it at the right time. [Though Hwang wanted to say Gifts Ungiven, he recognized that Command is a much more commonly played card.]

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