Posted in Event Coverage on February 22, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Table Player Result Opponent
1 Sheplawy, Jeff [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Gillett, Peter [CAN]
2 Dowlatabadi, Francis [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Vance, James [CAN]
3 ZzvipFur, Attila [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. ZzvipSwailes, Michael [USA]
4 Bennett, Gavin [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Whitehead, Matt [CAN]
5 Martell, Matthew [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Ruprecht, Adam [USA]
6 ZzvipChreptyk, Brandon [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Murdock, Trevor [CAN]
7 Rootledge, Andrew [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. ZzvipHayne, Alexander [CAN]
8 Muller, Timothy [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Martin, Russell [USA]
9 Slepian, Sergey [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Thibeau, Markus [CAN]
10 Cheon, Paul [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Schluschen, Carlo [CAN]
11 Moulton, Jesse [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Demery, Josh [USA]
12 Reasbeck, Dakota [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Oshie, Brian [USA]
13 Loy, Samuel [AUS] Won 2-1 vs. Durose, Tobias [CAN]
14 Taylor, Clint [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Zhang, Henry [CAN]
15 Thiessen, Jacob [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Hanson, Daniel [USA]
16 ZzvipSpeck, Stephen [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Klusa, Mark [CAN]
17 Serene, Lite [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. ZzvipKrotkov, Andrei [USA]
18 Rasmussen, Bradley [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Haggstrom, Alex [CAN]
19 Rauch, Lindsey [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Christensen, Drew [CAN]
20 Ferguson, Kyle [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Thompson, Gerry [USA]
21 MacDonald, Apostolos [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Lam, Tony (Nghia) [CAN]
22 Eng, Warren [USA] Drew 1-1-1 vs. Bell, Thomas [USA]
23 Severson, Eric [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Mines, David C [AUS]
24 Riecken, Steven [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Gaita, Dylan [CAN]
25 Wolff, Neil [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. ZzvipSundholm, Peter [USA]
26 Dilks, Matthew [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Gifford, Sean [CAN]
27 Schmidt, Robbie [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Fischer, Brandon [USA]
28 Farnung, Ian [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Walsh, Max [USA]
29 Mckenzie-Sasges, Brend [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Watson, Nick [CAN]
30 Derksen, Geoff [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Cornfield, Ethan [CAN]
31 Walter, Shaun [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Matheson, Roland [CAN]
32 Garg, Arjun [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Kellett, William [CAN]
33 Knezevich, Blake [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Tang, Isaac [CAN]
34 Leonard, Tyson [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Maynard, Pascal [CAN]
35 Goldman-Kirst, Martin [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Freedman, Henry [USA]
36 Feldman, Benjamin [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Evans, Trevor [CAN]
37 MacDonald, Dylan [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Lanthier, Dan [CAN]
38 Crockford, Colin [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipSong, Anthony [CAN]
39 Sumulong, Miguel [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Egashira, Kenji [USA]
40 Jacobson, Mark [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Parsons, Daniel [CAN]
41 Whitsitt, Ryan [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Chen, Cliff [USA]
42 Vezina, Ken [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Jang, Ian [CAN]
43 Bemrose, Ryan [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Zafra, Marcel [CAN]
44 Pardee, Samuel [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Zzvip(11) Duke, Reid [USA]
45 Chisholm, Jacob [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Denno, Sebastian B [CAN]
46 Martin-Knoll, Joe [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. ZzvipHuber, Cory [CAN]
47 Weller-Gordon, Brian [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Grandjambe, Travis [CAN]
48 Painter, Jameson [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Smith, Chris [CAN]
49 Tyrrell, Liam [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Ochoa, David [USA]
50 Carr, Colin [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Sears, Isaac [USA]
51 ZzvipSteier, Terry [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Lin, Jianfeng [CAN]
52 Hwang, Eugene [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Lesiuk, Andrew [CAN]
53 FALK, COLEMAN M [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Calhoun, Robbie [USA]
54 Hogman, Nathan [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Whelan, Lawrence [CAN]
55 McCullough, Matt [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Brown, Andrew [USA]
56 Harder, Spencer [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Rotenburger, Arnie [CAN]
57 Fletcher, Josh [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Telecki, Jozef [CAN]
58 Munday, Damon [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Kooistra, Remkes [CAN]
59 White, Ben [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Frank, Matt [USA]
60 Sanders, Devin [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Marshall, Liam [CAN]
61 Peterson, Sean C [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Yee, Truman [CAN]
62 Kwong, Kam Pui [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Lorenzetto, Logan [CAN]
63 MacLean, Aaron [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Zuewich, Josh [CAN]
64 Koch, Florian [DEU] Won 2-0 vs. Bercovich, Brandon [USA]
65 Wiznura, Isaac [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Piercy, Thomas [CAN]
66 Darlington, Kenny T [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Kao, Austin [CAN]
67 Gilks, Greg [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Lindsay, James [CAN]
68 Kennedy, Quinn [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Lucas, Gertjan [CAN]
69 Pringle, Shawn [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Wan, Ivan [CAN]
70 Pickell, Mark [CAN] Drew 1-1-1 vs. Burkey, Jacob [USA]
71 Huang, Ian [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Gellert, Kyle [CAN]
72 Ho, Chien [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. ZzvipSmith, Warren [CAN]
73 Duarte, Steven [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Salvador, Allion [CAN]
74 Hilley, Travis [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Brewe, Garth [USA]
75 Konowalchuk, Kelson [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. ZzvipSmith, Andrew [CAN]
76 ZzvipBlack, Thomas [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Anderson, Jacob [USA]
77 Stone, Tim [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Brunsdon, David [CAN]
78 Ducharme, Kyle [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Kennedy-LeBlanc, Kyle [CAN]
79 Chateau, Patrick [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Hertz, Michael [USA]
80 Currie, Timothy [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Tallman, Gage [CAN]
81 ZzvipRedfern, Paul [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Davis, Henry [USA]
82 Gottesman, Dylan [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Smythe, Andrew [CAN]
83 Doo, Godwin [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Laforge, Adam [CAN]
84 Rovegno, Joseph [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Glegg, Cameron [CAN]
85 Alberg, Robin [USA] Drew 1-1-1 vs. Hilts, Will R [USA]
86 Donelson, Bryce [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Egli, Chad [CAN]
87 McKenzie, James [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Rivera Lozano, Adrian [CAN]
88 Jeffery, Jon [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Tauber, Mykel [CAN]
89 Wong, Adrian [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Taverner, Thomas [CAN]
90 Jost, James [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Henderson, Reagan [CAN]
91 Gummesen, Derik [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipMcLean, Trey [CAN]
92 Newman, Ryan [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Gross, Mitch P [USA]
93 Dubyk, Dilon [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Dillon, Rachel [USA]
94 Ziemba, Brian J [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Cronshaw, Drew [CAN]
95 Yu, Ben [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Pacris, Jamie [CAN]
96 Gross, William [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Collier, Jim [CAN]
97 WILKINSON, RYLEY [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Parker, Evan [CAN]
98 Dhawliwal, Jason [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Hofstra, Tyler [CAN]
99 Urbani, Steven [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Hewitt, Chris [CAN]
100 Ramirez, Adonis [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Blum, Tyler [CAN]
101 Willett, Steven [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Miller, Colin [CAN]
102 Petter, Jeremy [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Howard Mullan, Virgini [USA]
103 Lee, Farand [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Guthrie, Kentaro [CAN]
104 Smith, Robert [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. ZzvipBarcott, Willie [USA]
105 Lochridge, Jeremey [USA] Won 2-1 vs. ZzvipGarner, Robert [USA]
106 Kaech, Stone [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Yu, Timothy [CAN]
107 Coish, Thomas [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Mann, Robert [CAN]
108 Nguyen, Edward [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Drake-Heaton, Geoffrey [USA]
109 Haggstrom, Eric [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Powers, Evan [USA]
110 Henner, Aaron [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Kimball, Patrick [CAN]
111 Pagatpatan, Paul [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Fairbairn, William [CAN]
112 Kwasman, Jacob [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Steinfeld, Alexander [USA]
113 Currie, Joey [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Miller, Reilly [USA]
114 Richards, Cody [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Sarker, Minhazur [USA]
115 ZzvipHendrick, Duncan [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Nguyen, James [USA]
116 Feliciano, Marc Rainie [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Beverly, Kris [USA]
117 Mangat, Chris [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Pei, Eric [USA]
118 Oliver, Neal [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Gibbs, Daric [CAN]
119 Green, Mitchell [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Logarta, Jason [CAN]
120 Jones, Donny [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Schamehorn, Tyler [CAN]
121 Eagle, Matthew [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Elera, Diego [CAN]
122 Franceschini, Jeffrey [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Caulien, Bradley [CAN]
123 Fang, Percy [USA] Won 2-1 vs. ZzvipKrantz, Benjamin [USA]
124 Olsen, Blake [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Ng, Beata [CAN]
125 Deroo, Steven [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Berdusco, Patrick [CAN]
126 ZzvipAndrucson, Thomas [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Ratanadwong, Jordan [CAN]
127 McLaren, Dean [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Cheng, Boris [CAN]
128 Grinko, Denis [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Beaudry, Justin [CAN]
129 Connelly, Daniel C [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Murray, Zachary [USA]
130 Denner, Benjamin [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Gomez, Kevin [CAN]
131 Gerard, Stephane [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Munck, Jonathan [USA]
132 Ma, Kirby [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Stern, Jon [CAN]
133 Freerksen, Sheldon [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Dang, Nam [CAN]
134 Soltice, Chris [CAN] Lost 0-1 vs. Lee, Warren [CAN]
135 Bessette, Andre [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipSmith, Rj [USA]
136 McCrae, Yves [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Frigon, Luke [CAN]
137 Skippen, Will [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Goldy, Tim [USA]
138 Tooby, Ryan [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Pradeep, Ranjan [USA]
139 Crowder, Alex [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Pine, Ricky [USA]
140 Catudal, Jordan [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Horig, Wilfy [AUS]
141 Angulo, Enrique [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Bambush, Travis [CAN]
142 Robertson, Andy [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. ZzvipArendall, Charles [USA]
143 ZzvipPetryk, David [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Lidral-Porter, Dan [USA]
144 Wu, Ivan [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Hampton, Jesse D [USA]
145 Vance, Michael [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Krause, Julian [USA]
146 Ravitz, Joshua [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Kim, Francis [CAN]
147 Palmrose, Nathan [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Fung, Jeff K [CAN]
148 Lemp, Quan [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Hoffos, Mason [CAN]
149 Eisenbrey, Gaelen [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Hansen, Chris [CAN]
150 Dutton, Tim [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipMcKerricher, Ryan [CAN]
151 Hu, Jonathan [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Cardoso, Jordan [CAN]
152 Janson, Corey [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Uhlenbruck, Peter [CAN]
153 Seddon, Ian [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. ZzvipWise, Christopher [CAN]
154 Knox, Nathaniel [CAN] Drew 1-1 vs. Toussaint, Francis [CAN]
155 Utter-Leyton, Josh [USA] Drew 1-1-1 vs. Orr, Michael [CAN]
156 Liu, Freeman [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Ho, David [CAN]
157 Nguyen, Nhan [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Haynes, Keegan [CAN]
158 Wheeler, Tyrell T [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. (5) McLaren, Shaun [CAN]
159 E, Chris [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Lesch, Andres [DEU]
160 Gerlock, Alex [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Fong, Cody [CAN]
161 Barnett, Stephen E [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Wang, Nathan [CAN]
162 Soo, Gabriel [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Thomson, Jeff [CAN]
163 Wellman, Soren [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Sheehan, Ryan [CAN]
164 Thomas, Evan [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Besta, Kevin [CAN]
165 Mok, Wilson [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Petter, Dylan [CAN]
166 Budgell, Lane [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Dizon, Marcel [CAN]
167 Luk, Justin [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Pragnell, Michael [CAN]
168 Marple, Bryan [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Yu, Yonghuan [CAN]
169 Martell, Tom [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Jensen, Becca [CAN]
170 Wagner, Richard [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Vogel, James [USA]
171 Wilkinson, Jack [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Wilcox, Roy [CAN]
172 Yang, Roy [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Lyons, Alex [CAN]
173 Reid, Jordan [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Rovegno, Kevin [CAN]
174 Boutet, Patrick [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Tao, Jiachen [USA]
175 Stone, Jeffrey [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Ferguson, Scott [USA]
176 Nass, Matthew [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Haaf, Aaron [CAN]
177 Iaci, Antony [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Brooks, Dane [USA]
178 Cheng, Timothy [AUS] Won 2-1 vs. Morris, Timothy [CAN]
179 Kennedy, John [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Roberts, Anthony [CAN]
180 Spina, Mike [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Mullan, Paul [USA]
181 ZzvipLapierre, Kevin [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Murdoch, Alex [CAN]
182 Huska, Andrew [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Egea, Victor [CAN]
183 Bieker, Tor [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Zickler, Andrew [USA]
184 Reid, Jordan_zeroseven [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. MacKinnon, Paul [CAN]
185 Shivji, Qail [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Thon, Noah [CAN]
186 Van Camp, Devon [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Ueda, Jay [CAN]
187 Redfern, Benjamin [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Granville, Ian [CAN]
188 Chandler, Kyle [USA] Drew 1-1-1 vs. Giorio, Stefan [CAN]
189 Gollmann, Fabian [AUT] Lost 1-2 vs. Hluchman, Kelly [CAN]
190 Zaczek, Jonathon [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Larsson, Chris [CAN]
191 Marynowich, Logan [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Bosley, Lee [CAN]
192 Fiddler, Wayne [CAN] Drew 1-1-1 vs. Winrob, Aaron [CAN]
193 ZzvipPenner, Michael [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. ZzvipSmith, Joel [CAN]
194 Fields, Frank [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Rogers, Scott [CAN]
195 McNamara, Brendan [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Landrey, David [CAN]
196 Veres, Devan [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Su, Bo [CAN]
197 Clay, Ellis [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Kibler, Brian [USA]
198 Wong, Richard [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Ventura, Joshua [USA]
199 Kwan, Jason [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Esser, Florian [DEU]
200 Nunez, Matias [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. ZzvipWu, Derrick [CAN]
201 McIntyre, Trenton [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Boucher, James [CAN]
202 Yao, Chris [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. ZzvipLu, Elvis [CAN]
203 Christensen, Sacha [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipGao, Ruicheng [CAN]
204 Devries, Coltin [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Nagtegaal, Brody [CAN]
205 Binette, Nick [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Okada, Yoshikazu [JPN]
206 Pilon, Jordan [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Hayward, Connor [CAN]
207 Davoudi, Mani [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Tingey, Vince [CAN]
208 Holiday, Nathan [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Blake, Paul [USA]
209 Bian, Abel [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Boa, Andrew [CAN]
210 Gray, Corbett [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Johnson, Arlo [USA]
211 Pickett, Alastair [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Ferry, Sergio [CAN]
212 Myers, Bret [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Secter, Matthew [CAN]
213 Howland, Chandller [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Lee, Tony [CAN]
214 Tallarico, Santo [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Pordes, Casey [USA]
215 Ward, Daniel [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Gaudio, Aaron [USA]
216 Orom, Jeff [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Campbell, Chantelle [CAN]
217 Taylor, Pat [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Hsu, Henry [CAN]
218 Chow, Victor [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Maine, Shadow [USA]
219 ZzvipGarnett, Aidan [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Lewis, Mike [CAN]
220 Nicolas, Ryan [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. ZzvipAuf Der Maur, Mag [CAN]
221 Hurej, John [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Layne, Josh [CAN]
222 Jack, Dylan [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Maas, Kyle [CAN]
223 ZzvipSpong, Jon [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Shaw, Alex [CAN]
224 Clark, Ben [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Rathvon, Mark [USA]
225 Wang, Sam [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Wellons, Mark [USA]
226 Kavanagh, Carolyn [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Liu, Xingyang [CAN]
227 ZzvipDafoe, Bryce [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Tellez, Manuel [USA]
228 Lau, Laurel [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Evans, Sean [CAN]
229 Ayalde, Francis [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Hausmanis, Peter [CAN]
230 Brandt, Daniel [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Jones, Daniel [CAN]
231 Wasilyniuk, Brody [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Phath, Andy [CAN]
232 Breadmore, Adam [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Hacker, Max [CAN]
233 Sollows, Matt S [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Herold, Chris [USA]
234 ZzvipDavies, Connor [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Yusun, Timothy [CAN]
235 Broadstone, Benjamin [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Surkova, Helen [CAN]
236 ZzvipZutz, Bryan [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Hanna, Nolan [CAN]
237 Sabean, Brandon [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Mei, Ken [CAN]
238 Hoke, Morgan [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Lo, Jefferson [CAN]
239 Minamimaye, Jordan [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Bazzang, Aaron [USA]
240 Wesley, Morgan [USA] Won 2-1 vs. ZzvipMattson, Kie [CAN]
241 Trendall, Tim [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Black, Travis [CAN]
242 Pio, Adam [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Pisio, Shawn [CAN]
243 Smith, Jeff [CAN] Lost 0-1 vs. Crosett, Aaron [USA]
244 Oledan, Ear [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Fleurant, Jason M [MEX]
245 Do, Mary [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Wells, Vern [USA]
246 Jules, Morgan [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Cojocaru, Veronica [CAN]
247 Jen, Arthur [USA] Won 2-1 vs. JANZEN, KONRAD [CAN]
248 Strong, Jarom [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. McKay, Joey [CAN]
249 Lingelbach, Chase [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Nickel, Tyler [CAN]
250 Schwarz, Micheal P [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Phaphon, Stanley [CAN]
251 Lau, Patrik [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Thompson, Cat [CAN]
252 ZzvipMuir, Brandon [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. ZzvipHunter, Sean [CAN]
253 ZzvipBarnes, Darryl [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Rachiero, Anthony [CAN]
254 Balatti, Adrian [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Schroeder, Jeremy [CAN]
255 Patten, James [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Bossenberry, Sean [CAN]
256 ZzvipDonaldson, James [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. ZzvipHirsche-Smith, We [CAN]
257 Mallin, Tom [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Andronyk, Isaac [CAN]
258 Simpson, Shane [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. McBeth, Devin [CAN]
259 Magee, Jason [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Molnar, Michael [CAN]
260 Moes, Brandon [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Slone, Maxwell [USA]
261 Engle, Woodrow [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Kwan, Andrew [CAN]
262 Eastwood, Chris [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Pitt, Ken [CAN]
263 ZzvipFraser, Jonah [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Kushnirak, Jasper C [CAN]
264 Robson, Kenjiro [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. PARKER, MATTHEW [CAN]
265 CHAMBERS, ADAM [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Van Der Star, Alex [CAN]
266 ZzvipWaters, Joshua [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Aylward, Robert [CAN]
267 Taylor, Dallas [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Woolcock, Kyle [USA]
268 Davies, Cooper [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Tieu, Justin [CAN]
269 Bonomo, Justin [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Gibson, Ryan [CAN]
270 Gonzales, Benny [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Paquette, Aeo [CAN]
271 Herman, Jeff [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Gribov, Omry [CAN]
272 Liang, Eddie [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. VanBrabant, Kayla [CAN]
273 Peters, Cody [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Hammond, Donovan [CAN]
274 Duynstee, Dominic [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Yule, Carson [CAN]
275 Boroevich, Jason [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipRose, Geordie [CAN]
276 Mangini, Dylan [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Lee, Mike [CAN]
277 Mccallum, Mark [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Steele, Thea [USA]
278 McGrath, Luke [USA] Won 2-1 vs. MacMillan, Dan [USA]
279 Hendricks, John [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Lim, Ming Han Sidney R [USA]
280 DODGE, PHILIP [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Wilson, Connor [CAN]
281 Rogers, Thomas [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Harrisson, Jordan [CAN]
282 Chase, Blake [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. ZzvipJoliet, Nicole [CAN]
283 Dubois, Travis [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. ZzvipLau, Fraser [CAN]
284 Hryniuk, Graham [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. ZzvipGritt, Adam [CAN]
285 ZzvipFikkert, Brody [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Harriss-Bauer, Milo [USA]
286 Langman, Reg [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Holmberg, David [CAN]
287 Christianson, Jared [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Kehler, Nigel [CAN]
288 Paisley, Bob [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Day, Cheryl [CAN]
289 Sirois, Mitch [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Campbell, Aaron [CAN]
290 Tollefsen, Shane [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Leatherdale, Bailey [CAN]
291 ZzvipGray, Neal [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Taggart, Kyle [CAN]
292 Thurston, Ian [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Chiu, Jeremy [CAN]
293 Shelloff, Alan [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Mabbott, Joel [CAN]
294 De Blois, Christophe [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Sondergard, Eric [CAN]
295 Cole, Nathan [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. ZzvipCogan, Mark [USA]
296 Woolley, Tyler [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Silvey, Kevin [CAN]
297 ZzvipOzbay, Cem [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Eramela, Jovy [CAN]
298 Neilson, Eric [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Howard, Cody [MYT]
299 Stumpf, Michael [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Phan, Tuan [CAN]
300 Jansen, Jamie [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Mushkatin, Konstantin [USA]
301 Dvorshak, Darik [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Bakerman, Spencer [CAN]
302 Korompis, Rudolph [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipClark-Smith, Cole [CAN]
303 Yu, Clark Kei Lok [HKG] Won 2-0 vs. Jung, Jordan [CAN]
304 Peake, Christopher [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Jeffery, Ben [CAN]
305 Erickson, Chris [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. VanBuekenhout, Justin [CAN]
306 ZzvipOleschuk, Kyle [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Gushattey, Jared [CAN]
307 Coghlan, Stephen [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. ZzvipDavies, Karen [CAN]
308 Symons, Sean [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Sutter, Ronnie J [USA]
309 Weisman, Nathan [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Jackson, Derek [CAN]
310 Marinus, Justice [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Baryluk, Kyle [CAN]
311 Nguyen, Thanh [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Reiter, Nathan [CAN]
312 Ungerecht, Tiothy [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Day, Brandon [CAN]
313 Pickell, Joel R [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Gillis, Sean [CAN]
314 Carico, John [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Pacchiano, Antonio [CAN]
315 ZzvipAustin, Nikolaj [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipJohnson, Charles [USA]
316 Coughlan, Liam [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. West, Alexander M [USA]
317 Bauch, Chris [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Routledge, Jeffrey [CAN]
318 ZzvipBaucom, Matthew [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Malina, Joel [CAN]
319 Thompson, Brett [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Pawliw, Levi [CAN]
320 Gidlof, Dylan [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Powell, Ryan [CAN]
321 Nudelman, Daniel B [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. McLeod, James [CAN]
322 ZzvipChapman, Richard [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Robertson, Chris [CAN]
323 Dorfmann, Matthew [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Orellana, Cristian [CAN]
324 Reddy, Alex [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Bara, John-Ross [CAN]
325 Greene, Grant [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Mitchell, Greg [USA]
326 Wood, Talmage [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Nomellini, Michael [CAN]
327 Tommy, Sherman [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Beg, Zaiem [USA]
328 Dutton, Rachel [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Brumby, Gene [NZL]
329 Millbank, Nathen [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipMacDonald, Kole [CAN]
330 Streeton, Matthew [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Hiatt, Cody [USA]
331 Tielmann, Ryan [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Healy, Timothy [CAN]
332 Pan, Kevin [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Coleman, Zander [USA]
333 Duong, Jade [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Suppes, Graeme [CAN]
334 Mummery, Ryan [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Turmel, Devan [CAN]
335 Lin, Ian [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Donnelly, Pearce [CAN]
336 Morrison, Scott [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. ZzvipDoherty, Michael [CAN]
337 Varner, Brandon [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Cheung, Ken [CAN]
338 ZzvipLee, Chris [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipLevy, Adam [USA]
339 Mak, Angelina [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipHommy, Ori [CAN]
340 Lensink, Brendan [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Yuan, Victor [CAN]
341 Peters, Scott [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Fung, Alfred [CAN]
342 Saxena, Anubhav [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Ledingham, Griffin [CAN]
343 Miko, Casey [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Herring-Levins, Yvonne [CAN]
344 ZzvipBirch, Chris [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Esser, Ralph [DEU]
345 Huston, Benjamin [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. ZzvipKich, Jeremy [CAN]
346 Nguyen, Steve [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Man, Keeson [CAN]
347 Holowachuk, Derek [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Montgomery, Michael [CAN]
348 LaFleur, Jackson [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Janiszewski, Stefan [USA]
349 Rico Hernandez, Juan [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Greene, Scott [CAN]
350 ZzvipOdegaard, Max [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Fairbrother, William [CAN]
351 Leavitt, Evan [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Li, Kaicheng [CAN]
352 Sliva, Jon [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Harrower, Nathaniel [CAN]
353 Bird, Michael [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Li, Kerry [CAN]
354 Yap, Oliver S [PHL] Lost 0-2 vs. LaPille, Tom [USA]
355 ZzvipSlutsker, Alexand [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Nadig-Pederson, Jordan [CAN]
356 Miller, Jonathon [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Caldwell, Mike [CAN]
357 Hanley, Jacob [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Pope, Matthew [CAN]
358 Reedy, Justin [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Voon, Kevin [CAN]
359 Mann, Andrew [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Lepisto, Owen [CAN]
360 Riecke, Benjamin [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Bollin, Sean [USA]
361 Dupont, Mike [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. McTavish, Matt [CAN]
362 Watsjold, Ian [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Worden-Gill, Jake [CAN]
363 Eleyet, Bryan A [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Schapals, Ryan [USA]
364 Robin, Noel A [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Evans, Kyle [CAN]
365 ZzvipCoyston, Brad [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Doerksen, Stephane E [CAN]
366 Savvingou-Pangas, Mike [CAN] Drew 1-1-1 vs. Wu, Edward [USA]
367 Kwan, Tom [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipTran, David [CAN]
368 ZzvipDaley, Keith [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Grant, Brian [CAN]
369 Van Leuven, Rob [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Thomas, Chris [USA]
370 Nguyen, Thanh-Giau [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Kum, Wesley [CAN]
371 Mendoza, Paige [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Maguire, Jared D [CAN]
372 Jonah, Brandon [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Konings, Richard J [CAN]
373 ZzvipTurner, Reok [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Edson, Ryan [USA]
374 Budden, Devyn [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Hunsaker, Rob [USA]
375 Brunner, Eric [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Donelson, Erik [CAN]
376 White, Joshua [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Klimavicius, Bradley [CAN]
377 Wall, Chris A [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Lewang, Jordan [CAN]
378 Anderson, Richard [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Paquette, Joshua [CAN]
379 Hogg, Owen [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Wanless, Michael [CAN]
380 Wong, Brandon [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. ZzvipBoyd, Curtis [CAN]
381 Ma, Jonathan [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Holtan, Spencer [CAN]
382 Happold, Nick [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Lafont, Rachel [CAN]
383 Westberg, Ryan [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Douglas, Trent [CAN]
384 Burnham, Michael [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Simpson, Braden [CAN]
385 MacAlpine, Justin [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Konagaya, Tomohiro [CAN]
386 ZzvipMolyneux, Robert [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Rast, Samson [CAN]
387 Lahti, Kurt [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Wetzel, Colby [CAN]
388 McLeod, Steven [CAN] Drew 1-1-1 vs. ZzvipPisto, Josh [CAN]
389 Baxter, Bryce [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Wiatr, Adam [CAN]
390 Halm, Matt [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Clark, Josiah [CAN]
391 Shaw, Steven [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Tunnissen, Austin [CAN]
392 Krausert, Conrad [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Schneiderman, Gregory [CAN]
393 Kirby, Scott [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Ross, Stuart J [CAN]
394 Sohn, Michael [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Norquist, Miguel [CAN]
395 Carter, Devin [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Garmulewicz, Jon [CAN]
396 Auchterlonie, Yvan [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Weigel, Taylor [CAN]
397 Coghill, Kaine [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. La Forest, Adam [CAN]
398 Wang, Shen [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Porath, Aaron [CAN]
399 St. Clair, Jeff [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Magdaleno, Mike [CAN]
400 Morrison, Sam [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Poplawski, Eduardo [CAN]
401 Tressel, Matt [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Eigeard, Shane [CAN]
402 ZzvipJoyall, Vince [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Weedon, Mark [CAN]
403 Parker, Jordan [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Dalgarno, Arran [CAN]
404 Horsman, Kellyn [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Renke, Jordan [CAN]
405 Wratley, Callum [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Sparks, Dorian [CAN]
406 ZzvipCowitz, Ryan [CAN] Drew 1-1-1 vs. Nickerson, Eric [USA]
407 Olson, Kevin [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Paul, Jason J [CAN]
408 Woida, Trent [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Nash, Spencer [CAN]
409 Biero, Casey [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Mak, Greg [CAN]
410 Souza, Ryan [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Spriggs, Alexander [USA]
411 Levine, Cirrus [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Finnsson, Erik [CAN]
412 Tallman, Sterling [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Chell, Andrew [CAN]
413 Warkotsch, Luke [CAN] vs. Pattyn, William [CAN]
414 Tollefsen, Trevor [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Primrose, George [CAN]
415 Begg, John [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Liu, Stephen [CAN]
416 Sulyma, Kyle [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Roberts, Lacey [CAN]
417 Taniva, Aaron [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. De Silva, Joshua [CAN]
418 Chursinoff, Connor [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. ZzvipSinclair, Eowyn [USA]
419 Procopation, Matt [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Sypal-Kohout, Jonathan [CAN]
420 McCallum, Ryan [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Carlstrom, Logan [CAN]
421 Mobach, Ian [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Vasara, Cedar [CAN]
422 Drew, Ross [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipLeonard, Dominiqu [CAN]
423 Francis, Kyle [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Swinkels, John [USA]
424 Ouano, Jeff [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Chow, Jimmy [CAN]
425 Ng, Michael [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Rudd, Devon [CAN]
426 Garrity, William [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Milcic, Matthew [USA]
427 Chabot, Daniel [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Vargas Garcia, Jose Ri [USA]
428 O'Loughlin, Tristan [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. ZzvipForsman, Halli [USA]
429 Anderson, Eric [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Choi, Jung Hyuck [CAN]
430 White, Elsbeth [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Stuve, Seth [CAN]
431 Begg, Wesley [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Cackler, Avery [USA]
432 Rigby, Pamela [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Botwright, James [CAN]
433 Lu, Jacky [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Maine, Robert [USA]
434 Baker, Jordon [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Pyra, Richard [CAN]
435 O'Mahony, Ruairi [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Bonin, Alex [CAN]
436 Mucciarone, Brandon [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Kwan, Kerry [CAN]
437 Elmore, Robert [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Semeniuk, Liam [CAN]
438 Bassman, Levi [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. ZzvipBiggs, Robert [CAN]
439 Goresht, Daniel [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Bull, Jeremy [CAN]
440 Maurin, Kevin [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Dumont, Don [CAN]
441 Hu, Paul Chia-Pu [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. King-Webber, Patrick [CAN]
442 Canto, Mark [CAN] vs. Reibman, Calvin [USA]
443 Goshinmon, Gaman [CAN] Drew 1-1-1 vs. Barney, Kayden [CAN]
444 Thomas, Samara [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipEaton, Chris [CAN]
445 Tippett, David [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Florescu, Alex [CAN]
446 Chan, Ka Long [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Rewcastle, William [CAN]
447 Carotenuto, Carmin [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Abe, Luciana [CAN]
448 Fung, Victor [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Shiach, David [CAN]
449 Corrie, Chris [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Valdez, Ronald [CAN]
450 Annand, Benjamin [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Lesage, Jason [CAN]
451 Hollmann, Bendix [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Adam, Jeremy [USA]
452 ZzvipBell, Mitch [CAN] vs. Gardiner, Colton [CAN]
453 Jacobsen, Isaac [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Tuff, Clinton [CAN]
454 Gagnon, Phoenix [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Dalrymple, Trevor [USA]
455 Hutchinson, Trey [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Quach, Dennis [CAN]
456 Vannelli, Daniel J [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Roden, Sean [CAN]
457 ZzvipBattista, Bryton [CAN] vs. Egelhoff, Mark [CAN]
458 Ng, Bryan [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipSmillie, Kevin [CAN]
459 LaFleur, Joey [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. ZzvipRobbertze, Che [CAN]
460 White, Joe [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Pillai, Vinayagar [CAN]
461 Minturn, John [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Taylor, Logan [CAN]
462 Bridge, Adam [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Comeau, Ryan [CAN]
463 De Lara, Rene [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Zifka, David J [CAN]
464 Eterosa, John [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Altenburg, Roger [CAN]
465 Gallaher, Connor [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Lee, Kyle [USA]
466 Wilber, Tanner [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Hogan, Jasmine [CAN]
467 Bessette, Jonathan [CAN] Lost 0-1-1 vs. Duff, Michael [CAN]
468 Goodswimmer-Ferguson, [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Archer, Jeffrey [CAN]
469 Price, Ian [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Tanner, Erik [CAN]
470 Fontaine, Yannick [CAN] Lost 0-1 vs. Minturn, Austin [USA]
471 Viner, Samantha [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Livingston, Josh [CAN]
472 Garcera, Angelo [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Tanner, Lindsay [CAN]
473 Routley, Rob [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. ZzvipMorgan, Jackson [CAN]
474 Hinojosa Wilson, Mateo [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Bertrand, Matthew [CAN]
475 Cantada, Ayrton [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Roy, Brett [CAN]
476 Card, Michael [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Sprangers, Spencer [CAN]
477 Gomez, Carlos [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. ZzvipMaurice, Brandon [CAN]

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