Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch Appetizer

Posted in Event Coverage on January 31, 2016

By Marc Calderaro

Yesterday, there was an 80-person Modern Confrontation event for people who are ready for the Pro Tour to be here. There were some good decks in Top 8, and it's a great way to scan just a sample of the expected field for Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch. Spoiler Alert: Very few of the expected winners in the Twin ban were to be found. But there were a couple more controlling decks that have emerged already.

Henry Lam won the whole event with a White-Blue deck with Supreme Verdicts, Dragonlord Ojutai, and the recursion, enter-the-battlefield strategy with Kitchen Finks, Wall of Omens and Vendilion Clique to be reset with Restoration Angel and a Sun Titan.

Additionally, I'd like to make special mention of Scott Peters' Abzan Wish deck. It's your normal Abzan, but with three copies of Glittering Wish to gain access to your powerful sideboard silver bullets in the first game.

Henry Lams' – White-Blue Control – GP Van Modern Confrontation Top 8, 1st

Stephen Barnett's – Naya Zoo – GP Van Modern Confrontation Top 8

Kevin Pan's – Naya Zoo – GP Van Modern Confrontation Top 8

Sean Gillis's – Jeskai Control – GP Van Modern Confrontation Top 8

Dakota Reasbeck's – Jund Burn – GP Van Modern Confrontation Top 8

Scott Peters' – Abzan Wish – GP Van Modern Confrontation Top 8

Jordan Reid's – Bring to Light Scapeshift – GP Van Modern Confrontation Top 8

Sherman Bal's – Jund Midrange – GP Van Modern Confrontation Top 8

Oh, and lastly there was a deck that didn't make it to the Top 8, but I thought you might enjoy. It's a Naya Tron deck that plays Call the Gatewatch to find either Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, or Karn Liberated—increasing versatility. And it also plays World Breaker, which seems particularly good in the Tron mirrors. Coverage reporter Brian David-Marshall wanted to call it “Breaker Tron.” We'll see, BDM; we'll see.

Luke Tsai's – Naya Tron – GP Van Modern Confrontation Competitor

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