Posted in Event Coverage on February 19, 2017

By Hallie Santo

Death's Shadow put three players into the Top 8 of Grand Prix Vancouver, but plenty of other decks were well-presented at the top tables this weekend. From Amulet Titan to Ad Nauseam, Infect to Eldrazi, this collection of 9th – 32nd place decklists truly has something for everyone.

Dylan Boykowich's Bant Eldrazi – GP Vancouver, 9th Place

Casey Pordes' Abzan – 10th Place, GP Vancouver

Michael Penner's 8-Rack – GP Vancouver, 11th Place

Drew Christensen's Naya Burn – GP Vancouver, 12th Place

Matt Severa's Death's Shadow – GP Vancouver, 13th Place

Michael Hinderaker's Dredge – GP Vancouver, 14th Place

Pascal Maynard's Eldrazi Tron – GP Vancouver, 15th Place

Bobby Fortanely's Amulet Titan – GP Vancouver, 16th Place

Steven Henderson's Infect – GP Vancouver, 17th Place

Ryan Hare's Jund – GP Vancouver, 18th Place

Corey Burkhart's Grixis Control – GP Vancouver, 19th Place

Jeremy Kim's 4-Color Company – GP Vancouver, 20th Place

Ivan Jen's Bant Eldrazi – GP Vancouver, 21st Place