Trial-Winning Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on February 18, 2017

By Hallie Santo

Before they sat down to play on Saturday, Grand Prix Vancouver competitors had one last chance to earn byes for the main event. These sixteen trial-winning decklists represent the breadth of Modern – Goblin Guides, Tarmogoyfs, Slippery Bogles, Primeval Titans, and Eldrazi of all shapes and sizes emerged unscathed, and we'll likely be seeing many of them in the feature match area this weekend.

Bryton Kaufman's Mill-Drazi

Stephen Boudreau's B/G Elves

William Lamping's Abzan

Kevin Kwong's U/B Faeries

Timur Babakol's Eldrazi & Taxes

Chris Norrie's Wolf Run Green

Michael Buttazzoni's Jund

Christopher Shinkle's Naya Zoo

James Lloyd's Blue Moon

Isaac Espada's Bant Eldrazi

Kory Larsen's Bant Auras

Ryan Powell's Esper Control