Around the Multiverse: Grand Prix Vegas Edition

Posted in Event Coverage on May 31, 2015

By Marc Calderaro

This weekend is historic for the Magic community. And though the Modern Masters 2015 event itself here in Las Vegas is a monumental triumph, it’s not actually a single “thing.” Grand Prix Vegas is made up of thousands and thousands of individual parts—each and every multiverse denizen in attendance. Every player, every cosplay character, every artist, every judge, every spectator—everyone.

Each person brings a unique voice, vision, and brilliance to the multiverse—which all adds together to create this awesome event. Here are just a few of the faces and voices of the multiverse that combined to create Grand Prix Vegas.

Unique Events and Special Sets

"I'm excited to see 10,000 players in this room at the same time. I think it's so great that Magic has become so big and that they are making special sets so that we can have unique events like this one."

“I Just Dove Right In.”

"I started playing Magic two years ago when my wife got me a Dragon's Maze [Exava] starter deck, and I just dove right in. A year later I got into Legacy and began playing in tournaments!"


"The first Grand Prix Vegas was my first event and I was hooked! I've been to a bunch of GPs since then. I love going to them because you get to meet the artists, and you get to meet other fans while you're in line. It's so cool!"

Night crawler

“Apparently I don’t lose in the PM. I lost my first match this morning and I’ve stolen every one since. I’m 6-1 right now. If you could delay Day 2 by three hours that would be GREAT.”

It’s 2,500 miles away! It’s Vegas!

"I traveled from Richmond, Virginia. It's Modern Masters 2015, man! It's Vegas! And I had a great time last time."

You can find more stories like these at the Around the Multiverse Facebook photo album on Magic's official Facebook page.

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