Day Two Metagame Breakdown

Posted in GRAND PRIX WARSAW 2016 on October 30, 2016

By Olle Rade

Out of the starting 1,113 players, 361 managed to go 6-3 or better and make it to the second day of competition in Warsaw. Like many suspected the two most popular decks was Black-Green delirium and White-Blue Flash. Two thirds of the field on Day Two chose to pilot one of the two popular decks, with White-Blue being the most popular by a small margin of 10 players. Where the White-Blue decks all looked very similar a handful of the Black-Green pilots went for the more aggressive version with Verdurous Gearhulk and more early threats rather than finishing games with Emrakul, the Promised End.

Full Day Two Metagame of Grand Prix Warsaw

Archetype Quantity Percentage
White-Blue Flash 111 30.74
Black-Green Delirium 101 30.05
White-Red Vehicles 38 10.52
Mardu Vehicles 21 5.81
Jeskai Control 13 3.6
Prized Amalgam Zombies 13 3.6
Black-Red Aggro 12 3.32
Red-Green Energy 8 2.21
Aetherworks Marvel 6 1.66
Others 38 10.52
Total 361 100

The last 38 decks were a mix of interesting brews randing from Bernhard Lehner's Energy Combo to Mark Tobiasch's Metalwork Colossus. A lone ranger on Day Two also chose Mono Red as his deck of choice. Keep an eye open for more interesting decks when we list the Top 64 decklists after final standings have been posted after round 15.

So what stands out then? Well, the White-Blue Flash deck that put six players in the Top 8 at Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur last weekend seems to have taken the throne as the most popular deck. It was seen everywhere on Day One as well, and a third of the field on Day Two consists of the tempo based deck with format staples like Spell Queller, Smuggler's Copter, Reflector Mage, and Archangel Avacyn.

The Black-Green Delirium deck that makes up for the second third of the field was also the most popular deck among the players with three byes. A lot of pros chose it this weekend, and it seems like it's a strong contender for the Grand Prix title, just like at Grand Prix Providence last weekend, where half of the Top 8 consisted of Black-Green variants. One of the few players who went for the more aggressive version with Verdurous Gearhulk is Ukrainian Oleksii Riabokon, who posted a 9-0 record on Day One. Many familiar Pros like (4) Lukas Blohon and (13) Joel Larsson chose the traditional version more focused on controlling the game with Ishkanah, Grafwidow and Emrakul, the Promised End.

The third most popular deck, White-Red Vehicles did not look the be as successful as the first few weeks of the new Standard format, and if the trend continues it might see itself passed in popularity by the Mardu version, splashing Black for Unlicensed Disintegration and Scrapheap Scrounger.

Nevertheless, exciting times are surely ahead for Standard aficionados and it will be interesting to see both how the Top 8 shapes up in Warsaw and how the format evolves in the coming weeks. Hopefully the information about the metagame breakdown can help brewers to get to know and eventually learn to defeat the top decks of the format.