9th–16th Decklists of Grand Prix Warsaw 2017

Posted in Event Coverage on November 12, 2017

By Tobi Henke

These decks' pilots narrowly missed the Top 8, but their strategies had definitely proven themselves. Sascha Lüscher's Blue-Black God-Pharaoh's Gift in particular should be something for brewers going forward!

Also worthy of note: While the Top 8 at Grand Prix Shanghai featured four Ramunap Red decks, the one here in Poland had none. In fact, Ramunap Red only barely snuck into this post even, in sixteenth place. Expert commentator Matej Zatlkaj speculated that this might have had to do with the comparatively high number of three-colored energy decks at Grand Prix Warsaw. "Maybe there was more Four-Color Energy in Shanghai, which, with its greedy mana base, is probably worse against Ramunap Red. At least Andrea Mengucci, who was playing Temur Energy, said he defeated four Ramunap Red in a row."

Sascha Lüscher's Blue-Black Gift, 9th at GP Warsaw

Autumn Burchett's Temur Energy, 10th at GP Warsaw

Jasper Otte's Sultai Energy, 11th at GP Warsaw

Thoralf Severin's Temur Energy, 12th at GP Warsaw

Gabrielius Kaklauskas's God-Pharaoh's Gift, 13th at GP Warsaw

Joshua Bausch's Temur Energy, 14th at GP Warsaw

Marc Oswald's Temur Energy, 15th at GP Warsaw

Francois Geffroy's , 16th at GP Warsaw

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