The First Day's 9-0 Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on November 12, 2017

By Tobi Henke

When the dust had settled after the battle on Saturday, four players towered above the rest with unblemished records of 9-0: Pol Pizarro, GP Utrecht 2017 champion Samuel Vuillot, Hannes Kerem, who already had two GP Top 8s on his record, and Russia's Alexander Privalov.

Left to right: Pol Pizarro, Samuel Vuillot, Hannes Kerem, and Alexander Privalov

Pizarro and Vuillot were essentially playing the same deck: the ubiquitous Temur Energy splashing black for The Scarab God and Vraska, Relic Seeker. Alexander Privalov, meanwhile, won all of his matches with Mardu Vehicles, or as the Russians call it, "Mashinki."

The most interesting deck of the four, however, was piloted by Estonia's Hannes Kerem. The green-blue take on Electrostatic Pummeler heretofore wasn't as popular as its red-green counterpart, but it had not been Kerem's innovation, as he was quick to point out. "Due to work I couldn't test as much as I wanted," he explained. "So I picked a list which seemed good against stuff theoretically."

The best theory is of course the one that works well in practice, and this one couldn't have worked any better. Kerem's favorite examples: "I attacked for 144 damage with a Pummeler once, and I also dealt 24 on turn four with Pummeler."

Hannes Kerem's Green-Blue Pummeler, 9-0 at GP Warsaw

Alexander Privalov's Mardu Vehicles, 9-0 at GP Warsaw

Samuel Vuillot's Four-Color Energy, 9-0 at GP Warsaw

Pol Pizarro's Four-Color Energy, 9-0 at GP Warsaw

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