Congratulations to Rickard Österberg!

After fourteen rounds of Swiss, the top eight had an international flavour to it. Sweden had the best showing, with three people making the semi-finals out of a relatively small contingent. There were also three Polish players, showing that there is some talent for Magic in the area. Other countries represented were Germany and the Czech Republic.

In the end it was Rickard Österberg of Sweden who triumphed over Michal Maliak in the final. He piloted his black-blue-white deck to USD 2,400, six Pro Tour Points, and an invitation to New Orleans. The top eight was an inexperienced one, with none of the eight players having been previously qualified for the Pro Tour, the invites didn't pass down for the first time ever.

People will have one last chance to try out this format in top level competition at Grand Prix Oslo in two weeks time. See you there !

Top 8 Bracket


Michal Marcik

Roman Kubera

Felix Schneiders

David Linder

Przemek Oberbek

Mattias Kettil

Marcin Sados

Rickard Österberg


Michal Marcik, 2-0

David Linder, 2-1

Mattias Kettil, 2-1

Rickard Österberg, 2-1


Michal Marcik, 2-0

Rickard Österberg, 2-0


Rickard Österberg, 2-1


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