2001 Junior Super Series Coverage

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The 2001 Junior World Championships are over, and when the dust settled, Ben Ashkar of Minnesota carried his Fires deck all the way to a $20,000 scholarship. He beat Ralph Trapas's Merfolk-Opposition deck 2-0, thanks in part to his Urza's Rages and sideboarded Artifact Mutations. Playing on the stage in front of cameras in the finals was a new experience for these two young players, and judging by their performance this weekend, it may not be the last time they play on camera for large sums of money.


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Ben Ashkar $20,000
 2.  Ralph Trapas $10,000
 3.  Max McGuffin $6,000
 4.  David Dimalanta $6,000
 5.  Hank Mead $3,500
 6.  James Hollister $3,500
 7.  David Cox $3,500
 8.  Matthew Boccio $3,500

(Click here for complete final standings)


top 8 bracket


(1) Hank Mead

(8) David Dimalanta

(4) Ben Ashkar

(5) David Cox

(2) Max McGuffin

(7) Matthew Boccio

(3) James Hollister

(6) Ralph Trapas


David Dimalanta

Ben Ashkar

Max McGuffin

Ralph Trapas


Ben Ashkar

Ralph Trapas


Ben Ashkar, 2-0

US National Championship Coverage




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