Latin America Championship 2000 Coverage


The 2000 Latin America Championship featured 60 of the most skilled competitors from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Competitors played six rounds of Masques block booster draft on day one and six rounds of Standard on day two. The final eight competitors went to the finals using their Standard decks. The Top 8 players received invitations to the World Championships in Brussels, Belgium.

After 15 rounds of competition, Gustavo Chapela-Gaxiola of Mexico became the first Latin America Champion. In second place was hometown hero Rafael Le Saux of Chile.

Final Standings of the Latin America Championship 2000

  1. Chapela Gaxiola, Gustavo (Mexico) w/Angry Hermit - $11,500
  2. Le Saux, Rafael (Chile) w/Replenish - $7,000
  3. Godinez-Estrada, Gerardo (Mexico) w/ Trinity Green - $4,600
  4. Romao, Carlos E (Brazil) w/Ponza - $3,700
  5. Garcia Barbosa, Francisco (Mexico) w/Draw-Go - $3,035
  6. Sousa, Alex (Brazil) w/Covetous Dragon - $2,555
  7. Simao Teixeira, Eduardo (Brazil) w/Covetous Dragon - $2,225
  8. Felsberg, Thomas E (Brazil) w/Replenish - $2,000