2002 Masters Series San Diego Coverage


In the first game of the finals, it seemed that Karma was on the side of Humpherys. Fuller only needed a bounce spell to walk away with the win, but cycled through ten cards without seeing one. Worse yet, he had nothing in hand afterwords. This let Humpherys Upheaval and gear up for Psychatog victory. But it was all a sham. Fuller's micro-library was jam-packed with action, and he ripped the cards he needed to undo Humpherys's team and win with a Psychatog. With that, it was clear that this was Ryan Fuller's weekend. He smashed in a similar fashion in the second game, despite stalling on four land early. Congratulations to Ryan Fuller, San Diego's Masters Champion!


top 8 bracket


Rob Dougherty

Tomi Walamies

David Humpherys

Tsuyoshi Fujita

Darwin Kastle

Brian Hegstad

Ryan Fuller

Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz


Tomi Walamies, 2-1

David Humpherys, 2-0

Brian Hegstad, 2-1

Ryan Fuller, 2-0


David Humpherys, 2-1

Ryan Fuller, 2-1


Ryan Fuller, 2-0

Japanese-Language Coverage




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