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Posted in Event Coverage on May 15, 2015

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

"The greatest thief in the multiverse steals a Wurmcoil Engine!" shouts Brian David-Marshall from the Red Zone, the between-match features area where the Pro Tour historian is scouring through completed games and matches with sweet plays to show to the viewing audience.

The play in reference was tied to Hall of Famer Olle Råde's match against defending Magic Online champion Lars Dam. While Råde was playing a Pyromancer Control deck, a grixis-color deck sporting Young Pyromancer alongside some Cabal Therapy action to strip away an opponent's hand, Dam was on the most popular deck of the Vintage portion of this weekend: Workshop.

While Råde certainly won the game where his Dack Fayden stole Dam's Wurmcoil Engine, he was unable to win the match. Dam's deck, Frobots Workshop, is capable of powering out some very potent lockdown tools—some of which double as hard-hitting creatures—very quickly thanks to his artifact suite and his powerhouse land Mishra's Workshop.

Lars Dam's Frobot Workshops—a Mishra's Workshop deck featuring Arcbound Ravager—was able to win the match despite losing a game where his Wurmcoil Engine was stolen by the greatest thief in the multiverse.

The top players going into the third round of Vintage represented a spread of archetypes. Dam had a chance to face his Round 2 opponent again in a way, as his Round 3 matchup pitted him against Magnus Lantto, Olle Råde's testing partner, who was playing the same 75 cards as Råde.

Their deck is dubbed Pyromancer Control, a deck that leans heavily on the potent token generation of Young Pyromancer. However, unlike many of the decks sporting the 2-mana red creature, Lantto and Råde went with a concoction that omitted the more aggressive Delver of Secrets for more controlling options. In this case, Young Pyromancer was paired with Cabal Therapy and some black mana, which gave both Lantto and Råde the ability to strip away an opponent's action.

However, while Dam's Frobots Workshop deck served him well, he could not repeat his success against Lantto, who moved on to be one of the two remaining undefeated players.

Meanwhile, the other 2-0 players faced off in the feature match area. Aleksa Telarov, 2014 World Magic Cup Top 8 competitor, brought a traditional Delver deck with him to the Vintage portion of this event. His opponent, Jasper De Jong, had a much slower but brutally efficient Mentor Control deck, sporting multiple forms of removal, card draw, and two copies of his primary win condition: Monastery Mentor.

Aleksa Telarov, the competitor with the most matches played in this field at over 17,000 logged, brought Delver with him for the Vintage portion of this weekend.

Game 1 was a lengthy ordeal. Despite De Jong's stabilized battlefield featuring a Dack Fayden that refused to leave the board, and with him holding a grip of cards, both of his Monastery Mentors were hiding in the bottom cards of his deck. Eventually however, he found one and fired off a couple of noncreature cards to lock down the game.

Jasper De Jong's Mentor Control deck was light on win conditions, but you really don't need many noncreature spells with a Monastery Mentor in play to ensure that a game is locked up.

While Telarov was able to even the game count in Game 2, De Jong's deck was too much and he cemented himself as the second 3-0 player after dispatching Telarov in Game 3.

The spread of Vintage decks that players brought today were as follows:

Archetype #
Workshop 5
Delver 4
Mentor Control 3
Pyromancer Control 2
Omni-Oath 1
Doomsday 1

To take a look at what the players loaded up for today, check out all of the Magic Online Championship's Vintage decklists.

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