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Posted in Event Coverage on March 4, 2018

By Event Coverage Staff

The following is how each player in the Magic Online Championship did in each of the two formats. Standings are displayed by their win-loss record rather than by match points.

Booster Draft

Player Record
Steve Rubin 5-1
Guillaume Matignon 5-1
Dmitriy Butakov 4-2
Lars Dam 4-2
Josh Utter-Leyton 4-2
Niklas Dahlquist 4-2
Craig Wescoe 4-2
Fernando Gueler Berdasco 4-2
Gabriel Nassif 4-2
Brandon Burton 3-3
Vincent Lemoine 3-3
Corey Burkhart 3-3
Sam Pardee 3-3
Logan Nettles 3-3
Aleksei Petrykin 3-3
José Manuel Cabezas Muñoz 3-3
Marcio Carvalho 3-3
Thiago Saporito 2-4
Joseph Tang 2-4
Brock Parker 2-4
Reid Duke 2-4
Immanuel Gerschenson 1-5
Thomas Ashton 1-5


Player Record
Dmitriy Butakov 7-1
Lars Dam 5-3
Steve Rubin 5-3
Niklas Dahlquist 5-3
Fernando Gueler Berdasco 5-3
Thiago Saporito 5-3
Joseph Tang 5-3
Sam Pardee 5-3
Aleksei Petrykin 5-3
José Manuel Cabezas Muñoz 5-3
Thomas Ashton 5-3
Guillaume Matignon 4-4
Brandon Burton 4-4
Craig Wescoe 4-4
Immanuel Gerschenson 4-4
Reid Duke 4-4
Logan Nettles 4-4
Josh Utter-Leyton 3-5
Vincent Lemoine 3-5
Corey Burkhart 3-5
Brock Parker 2-6
Marcio Carvalho 2-6
Gabriel Nassif 2-6

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