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Posted in Event Coverage on March 4, 2018

By Event Coverage Staff

The Top 4 competitors of the 2017-18 Magic Online Championship represents a range from Sunday stage newcomers to former Magic Online Champions. Learn a little more about them!

Name: Dmitriy Butakov

Magic Online Name: butakov

Limited Record this Weekend: 4-2

Modern Record this Weekend: 7-1

Modern Deck: Bogles

Notable Titles: 2012 Magic Online Champion

Favorite Card: Gifts Ungiven

Favorite Magic Memory: Opening five Masters of Etheriums in a Shards of Alara Sealed Deck event

Favorite Modern Deck: Any “toolbox” strategy

Least Favorite Modern Deck: I try not to make it personal

Name: Steve Rubin

Magic Online Name: sturvedog

Limited Record this Weekend: 5-1

Modern Record this Weekend: 5-3

Modern Deck: Jund

Notable Titles: Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad Champion

Favorite Card: Spire Barrage

Favorite Magic Memory: Becoming friends with Mike Sigrist

Favorite Modern Deck: Living End

Least Favorite Modern Deck: Jeskai Control

Name: Niklas Dahlquist

Magic Online Name: SmashHallon

Limited Record this Weekend: 4-2

Modern Record this Weekend: 5-3

Modern Deck: Jund

Favorite Card: Camel

Favorite Magic Memory: Learning to play with friends in 1994, destroying all their lands in games

Favorite Modern Deck: (Prefers drafting)

Least Favorite Modern Deck: Scapeshift or Storm

Name: Lars Dam

Magic Online Name: malavi

Limited Record this Weekend: 4-2

Modern Record this Weekend: 5-3

Modern Deck: Grixis Control

Notable Titles: 2012-13 Magic Online Champion

Favorite Card: Winter Orb

Favorite Magic Memory: Winning at a local store with 5-Color Slivers back in the day

Favorite Modern Deck: Lantern

Least Favorite Modern Deck: It'll probably be Jund after this weekend

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