Multiball Green Pod

Posted in Event Coverage on October 25, 2012

By Event Coverage Staff

Here are the restrictions drafted by each of the players in the MULTIBALL Wacky Cube Draft:

Click this link for the Wacky Draft Rules and Restrictions.

Community Team

  • CC_bubba0077 – Quick Draw!
  • CC_Smi77y – This is Constructed, Right?
  • CC_JackieL33 – Roll for Damage (rolled 2 for blue)
  • CC_Conley – Izzet a Deck Yet?
  • CC_wilmheath – King of the Fatties
  • CC_wrongwaygoback – Look Sharpe
  • CC_JamesLRR – Smash and Grab
  • CC_JonLoucks – Results May Vary

Wizards Team

  • WotC_Robert – End of the Rainbow
  • Sam_S – Border Patrol
  • Dhuse – The Seeker
  • WotC_ShayH – That’s Not Casual
  • Smlarabee – Mono-Brown
  • D_Guskin – Big Butts
  • WotC_Lee – Un-Bear-Able
  • WotC_MichaelR – Trigger Happy









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