Punch your ticket to Honolulu by winning a Pro Tour Qualifier! Seeded with decklists from Pro Tour-Los Angeles, the Extended format is loaded with archetypes.

Now you can test each decklist thanks to our new Sample Hand Generator. Just click on the card fan in the upper right of each decklist and you can see what your opening hand could be, along with mulligans and the first three cards you'd draw.

Decklists will be updated every Thursday during the PTQ season. To find a PTQ near you, click here. Pro Tour-Honolulu is scheduled for March 3-5, 2006.

Gifts Ungiven
Isochron Scepter
October 29: Portland, Oregon
October 29: Springfield, Illinois
October 29: West Chester, Pennsylvania
October 30: Panama City, Panama

November 5: Billings, Montana
November 5: Calgary, Alberta
November 5: Casper, Wyoming
November 5: Duluth, Georgia
November 5: Honolulu, Hawaii
November 5: Los Angeles Area
November 5: Rockville, Maryland
November 5: Winnipeg, Ontario
November 6: London, Ontario

November 12: Anchorage, Alaska
November 12: Austin, Texas
November 12: Charlotte, North Carolina
November 12: Chicago, Illinois
November 12: Flagstaff, Arizona
November 12: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
November 12: Longmont, Colorado
November 12: Mountain View, California
November 12: Salt Lake City, Utah
November 12: San Diego, California
November 12: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
November 12: Springfield, Missouri
November 12: Standish, Maine

November 13: San Juan, Puerto Rico

November 19: Albuquerque, New Mexico
November 19: Anaheim, California
November 19: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
November 19: Cincinnati, Ohio
November 19: Duluth, Georgia
November 19: Edmonton, Alberta
November 19: Honolulu, Hawaii
November 19: Miami Area, Florida
November 19: Milford, Massachusetts
November 19: Minneapolis, Minnesota
November 19: Mobile, Alabama
November 19: Montreal, Quebec
November 19: Omaha, Nebraska
November 19: Roanoke, Virgina
November 19: Seattle, Washington
November 20: Charleston, West Virginia

November 26: Brighton, Massachusetts
November 26: Columbus, Ohio
November 26: Detroit, Michigan
November 26: Las Vegas, Nevada
November 26: New York, New York
November 26: Phoenix, Arizona
November 26: Regina, Saskatchewan

December 3: High Point, North Carolina
December 3: Knoxville, Tennessee
December 3: Los Angeles area, California
December 3: Fort Worth, Texas
December 3: Fargo, North Dakota
December 3: Louisville, Kentucky
December 3: Madison, Wisconsin
December 3: Memphis, Tennessee
December 3: Orange Park, Florida
December 3: Oshawa, Ontario
December 3: Quebec City, Quebec
December 3: Sacramento, California
December 3: Salt Lake City, Utah
December 3: South Plainfield, New Jersey
December 3: Sparks, Nevada
December 3: Spokane, Washington
December 3: St. Louis, Missouri

December 4: Columbus, Ohio

December 10: Butler, Pennsylvania
December 10: Chicago, Illinois
December 10: Columbia, South Carolina
December 10: Lincoln, Nebraska
December 10: Houston, Texas
December 10: Newington, Connecticut
December 10: Rockville, Maryland
December 10: Wheat Ridge, Colorado

December 11: Kansas City, Kansas
December 11: Richmond, Virginia

December 17: Bloomington, Minnesota
December 17: Casselberry, Florida
December 17: Des Moines, Iowa
December 17: Garden City, Michigan
December 17: Mountain View, California
December 17: New York, New York
December 17: Seattle, Washington
December 17: Tuscon, Arizona
December 17: Wichita, Kansas

December 18: Charlotte, North Carolina
December 18: Montreal, Quebec