Based on the tremendous response from posting Top 8 decklists from the 2004 Magic State/Province/Territory/Island Champs events, 2005 Regionals and the Extended and Booster Draft qualifier seasons, we'll be doing the same with the Top 8 decklists from the current Pro Tour Qualifier season. The format is Kamigawa Block Constructed.

Decklists will be updated every Thursday during the PTQ season. To find a PTQ near you, click here. Pro Tour-Los Angeles is scheduled for October 28-30.

June 26: Orlando, Florida

July 1: Columbus, Ohio
July 2: Columbus, Ohio
July 2: Las Vegas, Nevada
July 2: Little Rock, Arkansas

July 9: Billings, Montana
July 9: Cincinnati, Ohio
July 9: High Point, North Carolina
July 9: Houston, Texas
July 9: Indianapolis, Indiana
July 9: Knoxville, Tennessee
July 9: Madison, Wisconsin
July 9: Mesa, Arizona
July 9: New Cumberland, Pennsylvania
July 9: Seattle, Washington
July 9: Springfield, Missouri
July 9: Wheat Ridge, Colorado
July 10: Garden City, Michigan
July 10: Roanoke, Virginia

July 16: Fukuoka, Japan
July 16: Kansas City, Kansas
July 16: Los Angeles area, California
July 16: Memphis, Tennessee
July 16: Mexico City, Mexico
July 16: New York, New York
July 16: Salt Lake City, Utah
July 16: Santa Clara, California
July 17: Rockville, Maryland

July 23: Chicago, Illinois
July 23: Coral Springs, Florida
July 23: Columbus, Ohio
July 23: Edmonton, Alberta
July 23: Jefferson, Louisiana
July 23: Mesa, Arizona
July 23: Montgomery, Alabama
July 23: Montreal, Quebec
July 23: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
July 23: Omaha, Nebraska
July 23: Richmond, Virginia
July 24: Charlotte, North Carolina
July 24: Louisville, Kentucky
July 24: Niigata, Japan

July 30: Butler, Pennsylvania
July 30: Duluth, Georgia
July 30: Kawagoe, Japan
July 30: San Diego, California
July 30: Somerset, New Jersey
July 30: St. Louis, Missouri
July 30: Wichita, Kansas
July 30: Waterloo, Ontario

August 6: Des Moines, Iowa
August 6: Lincoln, Nebraska
August 6: Los Angeles area, California
August 6: Lugoff, South Carolina
August 6: Mexico City, Mexico
August 6: Newington, Connecticut
August 6: Sacramento, California
August 6: Seattle, Washington
August 6: Wheat Ridge, Colorado
August 6: Winnipeg, Manitoba

August 13: Brighton, Massachusetts
August 13: Detroit, Michigan
August 13: Sanjou, Japan
August 13: Springfield, Illinois
August 13: Yokohama, Japan
August 14: Montreal, Quebec

August 19: Indianapolis, Indiana
August 20: Albuquerque, New Mexico
August 20: Burnaby, British Columbia
August 20: Dallas, Texas
August 20: Indianapolis, Indiana
August 20: Mountain View, California
August 20: West Chester, Pennsylvania

August 27: Bloomington, Minnesota
August 27: Chicago, Illinois
August 27: Columbus, Ohio
August 27: Laurel, Maryland
August 27: New York, New York
August 27: San Antonio, Texas
August 27: Shizuoka, Japan
August 27: Spokane, Washington
August 27: Toronto, Ontario
August 28: Calgary, Alberta
August 28: Rochester, New York
August 28: Charleston, West Virginia

September 4: Osaka, Japan

September 17: Los Angeles, California

October 8: Los Angeles, California

October 15: Los Angeles, California