Pro Tour 25th Anniversary Standard Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on August 5, 2018

By Event Coverage Staff

Here is every decklist from the Standard portion of Pro Tour 25th Anniversary. Yes, every decklist. Enjoy.

Alvarado Picazo, Arturo - RB Aggro

Auger, Maxime - RB Aggro

Baldin, Gregor - RB Aggro

Barich, Aaron - Mono Red Aggro

Baugh, Jacob - Esper Control

Baumeister, Corey - RB Aggro

Berkowitz, Jordan - Reservoir Combo

BERTEAUX, Julien - RB Aggro

Black, Samuel - RB Aggro

Boston, Steven - Grixis Midrange

Bova, Justin - WU GPG

Brundic, Hrvoje - RB Aggro

Bukovskis, Vitalijs - RB Aggro

Calcano, Christian - Steel Leaf Stompy