Round 7 Disqualification

Posted in Event Coverage on August 3, 2018

By Wizards of the Coast

Dan Ward has been disqualified from Pro Tour 25th Anniversary. Since this is a team Pro Tour, his team was disqualified as well.

During Round 7, Ward's opponent activated Æther Vial. Ward allowed the ability to resolve, which his opponent used to put a Meddling Mage into play. Ward attempted to then cast Path to Exile on another creature "in response" to Meddling Mage naming a card when there was no window to respond.

During the investigation, Ward argued he thought Meddling Mage's ability was a triggered ability upon entering play. However, after investigation, judges determined Ward knew that Meddling Mage was not a triggered ability and that his statements to his opponent and the judges were attempts to undo his mistake of not casting Path to Exile in response to the Æther Vial activation.

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