Silver Showcase Finals

Posted in Event Coverage on August 5, 2018

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Both Stanislav Cifka and Jason "Amaz" Chan have had to topple some of Magic's brightest names to ever grace the Pro Tour Hall of Fame to make it to the Silver Showcase finals this morning, with Amaz besting one of the all-time greatest players, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa without the help of his trusty Shivan Dragon, and Cifka defeating the best player of all time, Jon Finkel, with a huge Mind Twist wiping out Finkel's hand.

Game 1 of the Finals started relatively slowly, with Amaz going large on the ground with an Unholy Strength on his Ironroot Treefolk, but he had to run it into back to back Rukh Eggs from Cifka. Amaz found a Lure to allow him to force through some damage, but with Cifka's Eggs already broken, and a Pestilence upon the board, Amaz was losing the race to the Bird tokens. Cifka expertly dealt out the last few doses of Pestilence to end the game with himself at 1 life, and Amaz at 0.

Cifka wins Game 1 with a few less-than-healthy doses of Pestilence.

Cifka got off to a blistering start in Game 2, deploying several creatures before Amaz could summon his first, a Moss Monster. Cifka continued pushing his creatures at Amaz, and the Moss Monster could only eat one of them at a time, with the rest of them chipping Amaz's life total lower and lower. Amaz continued to play creatures, and again found his Lure and an Unholy Strength, which suddenly allowed him to flip the damage race on its head, and surprising Cifka with a Howl from Beyond to steal victory from the beaks of defeat.

Amaz flips the table in Game 2 with a Howl from Beyond.

Cifka got some early damage in with Hasran Ogress in Game 3 while Amaz summoned a Cuombajj Witches and a Pestilence to fend off the Ogress. Cifka laid a Rukh Egg, and then another, and looking to capitalize on the early damage from his Ogress, cracked open one of his Eggs with a Terror. An Ashnod's Altar allowed him to open the second, and Amaz had nowhere he could hide from the 4/4 tokens.

Cikfa Eggspertly wins Game 3.

Amaz sideboarded out his black cards in Game 4 to make room for Karma, hoping to attack Cifka on an axis he wouldn't be able to contend with. Cifka struggled to make his early land drops, and Amaz exacerbated the issue with an Ice Storm, giving him the room to gain value from Jayemdae Tome before landing his star player: Shivan Dragon.

Stranded with only Swamps, Cifka was at least holding a Terror for the Dragon, and had managed to play Pestilence alongside a Walking Dead. The Walking Dead's regeneration meant the Pestilence was persisting, allowing Cifka to mop up anything Amaz could dig up with his Tome, and give him time to find a Mountain so he could summon one of his trusty Rukh Eggs. Amaz frantically flicked through his Tome for an answer, but he couldn't deal with both Cifka's Pestilence and Bird Token and soon found himself extending his hand to congratulate Stanislav Cifka, the winner of the Magic: The Gathering 25th Anniversary Silver Showcase!

Cifka defeats Amaz to win the Silver Showcase!

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