Silver Showcase Quarterfinals Recap

Posted in Event Coverage on August 4, 2018

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

It's not every day you hear someone say "it's not every day" about something and for something as unusual as a Beta/Arabian Nights/Antiquities/Legends Rochester Draft, but it is not every day you get to watch some of Magic's biggest star players play out a Beta/Arabian Nights/Antiquities/Legends Rochester Draft because it's pretty much never happened on camera before, and I suspect it's extremely unlikely to happen ever again.

Brian Kibler got off to a fantastic start in Game 1 with a Giant Spider and a Lifeforce, getting Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa down to just 3 life before he could stabilize behind a Frozen Shade. PV gradually whittled Kibler's life down with a Prodigal Sorcerer and managed to finish him off with an Unstable Mutation on his Will-o'-the-Wisp before Kibler could draw any of his burn spells to finish PV off.

PV wins Game 1 against Kibler.

Meanwhile on the back table, David Williams took Game 1 from Jason "Amaz" Chan with a Fireball, but Amaz took Game 2 in return with a turn 6 Shivan Dragon.

Amaz wins Game 2.

PV got off to a much faster start in Game 2 holding Kibler in a Deathgrip and beating down with a pair of Hasran Ogresses. Kibler was a land short of clearing them out with a Pyrotechnics, so PV was able to take the first quarterfinals match.

PV wins the quarterfinals against Kibler.

Meanwhile, Williams was controlling the pace of their deciding game by attacking with a Personal Incarnation. Amaz managed to remove it with a Berserk but took 12 damage in the process before drawing his second Mountain and slamming his Shivan Dragon onto the battlefield. Amaz followed up with a turn later with a Lure on his Erg Raiders to allow Shivan Dragon to roast Williams alive.

Amaz wins his quarterfinals match against Williams.

Jon Finkel took Game 1 against Raphaël Lévy with constant pressure leaving Lévy with little to fend off the 4/4 Bird token Finkel found inside a Rukh Egg.

Stanislav Cifka won Game 1 against Shuhei Nakamura by squeaking out a win with a Pestilence activation to the face just as Nakamura looked like he was taking control of the game. Cifka got busy with an early Vampire Bats in Game 2, and eventually managed to force a hefty Fireball past Nakamura's Blue Elemental Blast with a Red Elemental Blast of his own to take the match.

Cifka wins his quarterfinals match against Nakamura.

Lévy struggled to find enough land early in Game 2 as Finkel's creatures gradually hacked away at Lévy's life total. Lévy cunningly hatched one of Finkel's Rukh Eggs with his Durkwood Boars so he could drown the Bird token in a Flash Flood, but he'd taken too much early damage, and Finkel closed out the match with some Pyrotechnics and another helping of Pestilence.

Finkel wins his quarterfinals match against Lévy.

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