24-27 Point Standard Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on May 14, 2017

By Wizards of the Coast

After ten rounds of Standard at Pro Tour Amonkhet, a handful of players emerged the most successful in Constructed.

These decks earned 27 points (9-1) in the Standard rounds of Pro Tour Amonkhet:

Chris Fennell - White-Black Zombies

Yuta Takahashi - Temur Aetherworks Marvel

This deck earned 25 points (8-1-1) in the Standard rounds of Pro Tour Amonkhet:

Fabian Friedrich - Temur Aetherworks Marvel

These decks earned 24 points (8-2) in the Standard rounds of Pro Tour Amonkhet:

Joshua Cho - Mono-Black Zombies

Vieren, Peter - Blue-Red Control

Martin Quiroga - Mono-Black Zombies

Javier Dominguez - Mono-Black Zombies

Sebastian Pozzo - Mardu Vehicles

Jiachen Tao - Four-Color Aetherworks Marvel

Yuuki Ichikawa - Temur Aetherworks Marvel

Shinya Saito - Sultai Aetherworks Marvel

Michael Brierley - Temur Energy

Noah Walker - Mardu Vehicles

Andrew Sullano - Mono-Black Zombies

Jacobson, Mark - Mono-Black Zombies

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