2000 Pro Tour Chicago Coverage

Kai Budde has won 2000 Pro Tour Chicago with his Rebel deck, defeating Holland's Kamiel Cornelissen, 3-0. This is the second Pro Tour victory for Budde, as the Chicago trophy joins his 1999 World Champion prize.

Budde played straight monowhite rebels versus Cornelissen's blue-white "Counter-Rebel" strategy. The rest of the Top 8 decks (and, in fact, all 96 decks that were played on Day 2) are available below, as are numerous analysis and match coverage articles from the Sideboard's crack team of writers, including Anthony Alongi, Josh Bennett, Randy Buehler, Kim Eikefet, and a few surprise guests.


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Kai Budde (Germany) $30,000
 2.  Kamiel Cornelissen (The Netherlands) $20,000
 3.  Brian Kibler(USA) $15,000
 4.  Robert Dougherty(USA) $13,000
 5.  Jon Finkel(USA) $9,000
 6.  Michael Pustilnik(USA) $8,500
 7.  Zvi Mowshowitz(USA) $8,000
 8.  Jay Elarar(USA) $7,500

(Click here for complete final standings)


top 8 bracket


(1) Kai Budde

(8) Jay Elarar

(4) Zvi Mowshowitz

(5) Brian Kibler

(2) Jon Finkel

(7) Kamiel Cornelissen

(3) Michael Pustilnik

(6) Robert Dougherty


Kai Budde, 3-2

Brian Kibler, 3-1

Kamiel Cornelissen, 3-1

Robert Dougherty, 3-1


Kai Budde, 3-1

Kamiel Cornelissen, 3-0


Kai Budde, 3-0

Coverage of the Chicago Masters Series






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