Round 16: Marco Cammilluzzi (Abzan Control) vs. Eric Froehlich (Jeskai Tokens)

Posted in PRO TOUR DRAGONS OF TARKIR on April 11, 2015

By Craig Jones

In my earlier feature match report, I spoke a little too soon about players running out of lives. Marco Cammilluzzi lost that match, but is not quite out of it. Going into Round 16, he's currently in ninth place, and a win here would give him a good shot at that breakout Top 8 finish to cap a solid year on the Pro Tour.

Eric Froehlich needs less of an introduction. He made the quarterfinals of the last Pro Tour, his fourth Pro Tour Top 8, and is a strong contender for the Hall of Fame. Because of how the other matches have fallen, he has a shot of adding a fifth here despite currently being 11-4.

So what we have here is your classic win and in (tiebreakers permitting), featuring Froehlich's Jeskai Tokens versus Cammilluzzi's Abzan Control.

Two players, one match, and only one player will be advancing to the Top 8.

The Games

Sadly, this will not go down in the record books of classic matches.

Cammilluzzi stripped Froehlich's Goblin Rabblemaster from his hand with Thoughtseize and then proceeded to curve out with Courser of Kruphix and then Siege Rhino, while Froehlich did a whole lot of nothing.

Froehlich did find the deck's signature enchantment, Jeskai Ascendancy, and put it into play on turn four. Unfortunately, he didn't have anything else, and the card sitting on top of Cammilluzzi's deck was Bile Blight to annihilate any tokens if they did show up.

Game 2 was equally anti-climactic as Thoughtseize plucked Jeskai Ascendancy out of Froehlich's hand before he could cast it. His deck then offered a whole lot of nothing as Cammilluzzi stomped on his face with a Courser of Kruphix, a second Courser, and then Fleecemane Lion.

It may not be a pretty match, but Cammilluzzi's games positioned him to be well on his way to the Top 8.

Duress revealed another Ascendency in Froehlich's hand, but not a lot else. At this point Cammilluzzi didn't even need to take it. Instead he took Disdainful Stroke to clear the path for a Siege Rhino.

Froehlich went on a Treasure Cruise, but found only junk. And that was that.

It's never fun to watch a player's deck malfunction like that in a high stakes match like this.

Marco Cammilluzzi will take it. He finally gets his breakout Top 8 after a year of solid finishes.

Cammilluzzi – 2 Froehlich 0

Marco Cammilluzzi's Abzan Control

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Eric Froehlich's Jeskai Tokens

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