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Posted in Event Coverage on April 12, 2015

By Blake Rasmussen

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Dragonlord Atarka

The biggest of the Elder Dragons was also the most played in the Top 8, with a whopping seven copies between Thomas Hendriks and Ondrej Strasky. Seven also happened to be the casting cost of the 8/8 flying, trampling, creature-and-Planeswalker-devouring Dragon. Dragonlord Atarka was considered so powerful that some players even jammed it into their Abzan decks so they could use Whip of Erebos to bring it back into play and gain roughly a billion life (or 13). In fact, if No. 13 Seth Manfield had won his final round, we might have had even more Atarka's crowing about how great being huge is.

Dragonlord Silumgar

Let's stick with the Dragonlords, as Silumgar tore through the Top 8 in the hands of Shota Yasooka and was one of the premier cards in the very popular Blue-Black Control deck. In fact, overall, there were likely more Silumgars in the room all weekend than Atarkas. Yasooka, of course, provided the most lasting images of the large, legendary Sower of Temptation, as he stole permanents large, like a Xenagos, the Reveler, and small, like a 1/1 red creature. Silumgar also had the distinction of being the only Elder Player played alongside his younger version: Silumgar, the Drifting Death.

And with the next card, Blue-Black Control often left players shaking their heads saying "Silumgar, Silumgar, Silumgar…"

Silumgar's Scorn

The virtual return of Counterspell put a lot of top pros on Blue-Black Control, and heavily incentivized playing a lot of dragons. Not that blue mages needed much of an excuse to pick up Dragonlord Ojutai, Dragonlord Silumgar, and Silumgar, the Drifting Death, but Silumgar's Scorn was certainly that. Played almost universally as a four-of by Blue-Black mages, the scorn of Silumgar was in large part responsible for a whopping 90.6% of Blue-Black players making Day Two. Semifinalist Adrian Sullivan did pass on the Dragon-reliant counterspell, but otherwise you'd be hard pressed to find a control mage not packing a set of these.

Thunderbreak Regent

Red-Green Dragons was among the most-played archetypes all weekend, and Thunderbreak Regent paired with Stormbreath Dragon was among the reasons why. Standing alongside Surrak, the Hunt Caller and Crater's Claws, Jason Chung was able to leverage the Regent all the way to the Top 8, punishing anyone who dared even look at Thunderbreak Regent funny. Thunderbreak might have been the smallest of Dragons, and it might have been the cheapest, and it might have been the most common…but it also packed one heck of a punch.

Atarka's Command

When a Pro Tour Champion calls a card the best card in his deck "by a massive amount," you have to sit up and pay attention, especially when it's the champion of the very Pro tour he's making that comment at. Martin Dang sang the praises of the red-green instant, straining the mana base in his otherwise almost entirely one-color Red Aggro deck to make room for Atarka's Command. And he wasn't the only one. Red Aggro was the most played deck on Day Two, and many of those players chose to add Atarka's Command. It was, as Dang demonstrated, often as much as a 7-point burn spell, pumping an entire team and tacking on 3 damage to boot.

And it was Atarka's Command that dealt the final blow of the tournament, doing 5 total damage alongside a Monastery Swiftspear to help give Dang the title of Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir Champion!

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