Day One Update on the Races

Posted in PRO TOUR ELDRITCH MOON on August 5, 2016

By Chapman Sim

Pro Tour Eldritch Moon has been quite a rollercoaster ride, even if we've only made it through the first day!

We've witnessed Emrakul, the Promised End ending games as promised, and Liliana, the Last Hope pulling her weight across various Black-Green Delirium decks. Spell Queller is as powerful as we've imagined, as are other Constructed gems such as Ishkanah, Grafwidow and Elder Deep-Fiend. The Standard metagame is healthy and diverse, and the Limited format is exciting and eventful.

As we're opening the curtains on Day Two here in Sydney, we'd like to provide a brief update on what's at stake today and the day after.

Player of the Year

No. 2-ranked Owen Turtenwald has been having a rather awesome weekend, hasn't he?

Owen stands triumphant as the only undefeated player from Day One in Sydney.

Aside from receiving news that he would soon be enshrined in the Hall of Fame along with No. 12 Yuuya Watanabe, he also ended Day One with a pristine 8-0 record and the top seed! This puts Turtenwald in an excellent position to make the Top 8, offering him a chance to give chase to the 13-point gap separating himself and No. 1 Seth Manfield, who went 5-3.

Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad Champion (and No. 3-ranked) Steve Rubin also has an outside chance of stealing the title if he wins out, and that's assuming that Manfield crashes out entirely. Since Rubin finished at 6-1-1, losing only to Turtenwald in the final round, he is still very much in contention for the Top 8—and his dream of becoming a repeat Pro Tour Champion remains alive.

Limited Master

Marcio Carvalho went 3-0 early morning, bumping him up to a total of 52 match points over the last seven booster drafts this season. That is an astounding 17-3-1 record over 21 rounds of Limited, an unparalleled win rate!

That's not to say that the slot for Limited Master is already set in stone, because Christian Calcano is at 49 match points and will do everything in his power to keep up. This means that a 2-1 finish by Calcano in combination with a 1-2 record from Carvalho will tie things up, leaving either player's fate to the tiebreakers. Of course, if either of these players crash out tomorrow, Shota Yasooka and Jon Finkel will also get their chance to leapfrog, as both Hall of Famers are at 48 match points.

Constructed Master

A week ago, Manfield threatened to wrest the World Championship spot away from Brian Braun-Duin. After going undefeated today, Turtenwald is now right on top in the race for Constructed Master at 79 match points. Everyone else seems to be in real danger, including Oliver Tiu with 78 match points, No. 15 Reid Duke with 75 as well as No. 9 Paul Rietzl and No. 11 Sam Black at 73.

Five more rounds of Constructed will determine who gets to attend the 2016 World Championship as the inaugural Constructed Master! Unless of course Turtenwald continues crushing, which will cause the spot to transform into an "At-Large" invitation.

National Champions

As we speak, 49 National Champions have been determined, leaving the state of over 20 countries in limbo. After the cut to Day Two, we're certain that several more National Champions will be born. By the time Sunday rolls around, we'll have the exhaustive list of all National Champions around the world who will be leading their teams at the 2016 World Magic Cup. And if you manage to win the final World Magic Cup Qualifier in your country, you'll get to join them in Rotterdam, too!

The fates of everyone in the room will continue to be unraveled as we play out Day Two. Who will go down in history as the 2016 Player of the Year? Who'll be crowned the Pro Tour Eldritch Moon Champion? Who'll level up and make Gold or Platinum, and who's going to the World Championship and the World Magic Cup? Tune in on to find out!