Posted in Event Coverage on August 6, 2016

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

It's no secret that fans of the Pro Tour love to see Luis Scott-Vargas doing booth commentary on Sunday. His unique sense of humor coupled with his extensive knowledge of any given format is both entertaining and insightful, but I'm beginning to think he's trying to tell us all something with his third Pro Tour Top 8 in a row.

Wait, three Pro Tour Top 8s in a row? That's got to be a new record!

(listens to earpiece)

Ah, okay, so it's been done before. Twice before, but this surely puts him in Hall of Fame contention!

(listens to earpiece again)

I see. That's…okay, wow. Clearly, I don't know what I'm talking about, so let's find some people who do.

Randy Buehler: "He's having an historic year. I think this cements him in the top five players of all time, and as far as peak performance goes, as in how well they've gone over a shorter period of time, this might well put him in top two behind Kai Budde."

Brian David-Marshall: "It's happened twice before. Scott Johns had done this very early in the Pro Tour, and Jon Finkel a little less early in the Pro Tour, but neither one for almost two decades. It's been almost 18 years since that happened. We've seen Kai put up an incredible run, but it was interrupted by a World Championship. To do this in the modern era, when there are so many great players, where there's so much information, where it's so hard to gain a substantial edge over the field, you have to do it really on play-skill. It's a pretty spectacular testament to his ability.

I think he's been solidly in top five of all time for a little while now, and [on the peak-performance mentioned by Randy] this might put him on second behind Luis. Luis had a run around Pro Tour San Diego 2010 where his median finish was in the teens! He had a ludicrous run, he's just been one of the best players in the game for a while, and he's reminding us of that.

He is looking to be the second member of the secret wing of the Hall of Fame that only Jon Finkel is in right now. Only Jon Finkel has had a Hall of Fame career post-Hall of Fame. Luis is now joining him with a post-Hall of Fame career. Both of the inductees this year—Yuuya Watanabe and Owen Turtenwald—have three Pro Tour Top 8s, so this is certainly something you would think about in terms of a Hall of Fame candidacy."

Luis Scott-Vargas is cementing himself among legends this weekend.

This has been pretty incredible. After Worlds 2011, I didn't Top 8 a Pro Tour until earlier this year. That's a solid four-year gap, which at times was frustrating, and I had to think, was I doing something wrong? What was going on? I honestly don't think I was doing anything particularly wrong or right.

I think things are coming together pretty well for me, I top-decked Tamiyo, Field Researcher to beat Reid Duke, for example. These are the sorts of things that make or break your Pro Tour, and maybe that doesn't happen, and I lose, and all of a sudden I don't Top 8. It's just a razor edge between Top 8ing or not, so it's not like I'm doing anything dramatically differently, but things are lining up right, which is awesome!

Obviously it's great to be talked about in the same company as Finkel and Kai. These are I think the two best Magic players of all time. I love doing booth coverage, but I'd much rather be playing."

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