Pro Tour Eldritch Moon Photo Essay

Posted in Event Coverage on August 7, 2016

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

There's always so much more to a Pro Tour than you see on the website or social media or the live stream, so we've collected some of Pro Tour Photographer Craig Gibson's more interesting shots from the weekend here for your viewing pleasure.

As is now customary at the Pro Tour, new players are given a warm welcome.


And swag! But all Pro Tour competitors get that. Here's Aideen protecting the loot from us non-competitors.


Mike Rosenberg and Steven Leeming interviewing PVDDR for some content to come in the lead up to the World Championship.


Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad Champion Steve Rubin is a Werewolf, not a swearwolf.


It was also David Ochoa's birthday this weekend, and his girlfriend Amie organised long-distance surprise birthday cake. Commonly known as the best kind of birthday cake.


Draft coverage takes a lot of people to put together, and take a look at this stacked Draft pod!


Unlike some people in the world, Sam Black does not have small hands—that's just a BIG Magic Card! (What you get when you meld a Hanweir Battlements with a Hanweir Garrison.)


Emrakul, the Promised End was out in force this weekend. Luckily, Liliana, the Last Hope was here to save us. I'm sure there's nothing concerning about her colleague, nothing at all.


Andrew Brown celebrates making the Top 8 with Paul Cheon, no doubt recording the next Cheon Vlog or Chlog or whatever it's called. Brown is probably higher in the Cheon power rankings than Paul now, too.


If you've watched or read The Princess Bride then you'll know that "Australia is entirely peopled with criminals," so it's a good thing we have some judges on hand to keep the peace.


Yes, even this one. Seriously though, he did a great job, and I'm not just saying that because he drove me to and from the venue multiple times this weekend.


The coverage was also streamed in Japanese by the NicoNico team, featuring Pro Tour Kobe 2004 Champion Masashiro Kuroda (on the right).


Magic pros from our storied past don't disappear, they just settle down and start families like Antonino De Rosa did. And of course they keep playing on the Pro Tour, because why wouldn't you?


Oliver Tiu clinched Rookie of the Year this weekend.


Not only did Owen Turtenwald make the finals of the Pro Tour and get voted into the Hall of Fame this weekend, he locked up both Player of the Year and the US team captaincy at the World Magic Cup.


And Lukas Blohon was crowned our Pro Tour Eldritch Moon Champion. Oh, that's just a turn of phrase, he's not still wearing that tombstone on his head or anything.


As I'm sure his Cabin Crew teammates will tell you, Blohon couldn't have done it without them.

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