Round 12: Jacob Wilson (Black-Green Delirium) vs. (5) Luis Scott-Vargas (Bant Company)

Posted in Event Coverage on August 6, 2016

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

"I'm gonna Bant you so hard," No. 5-ranked Luis Scott-Vargas laughed he sat down across from Jacob Wilson. "How many points have you got this year?"


"So this is an important match for you, then!"


Scott-Vargas was correct. Wilson needs at least 11-4-1 to reach Platinum this season, and with both players sitting at 9-2 going into this round, it looks like he could make it with some solid play. Scott-Vargas on the other hand, was already in the lead for the Hall of Fame spot at the World Championships, but also has an outside shot at Player of the Year if he happens to win the Pro Tour and if Owen Turtenwald doesn't do better than 12-4. However, that was beginning to look more like a pipe dream at this point, with Turtenwald sitting at the top of the standings on 10-1.

Luis Scott-Vargas attempts to "Bant" Jacob Wilson "so hard."

The "Banting" Scott-Vargas was promising Wilson referred to his Standard deck of choice this weekend, Bant Company, which is largely regarded as The Deck to Beat in Standard right now. Wilson was instead running Black-Green Delirium and would be hoping Scott-Vargas would be unable to leverage his Collected Companies for huge swing turns.

The Games

Scott-Vargas won the die roll but lost his Duskwatch Recruiter to a Dead Weight. Both players followed up with Sylvan Advocates, and when Scott-Vargas passed back his fourth turn with four mana open, both players chuckled.

Wilson tabled a Nissa, Vastwood Seer and Scott-Vargas responded with a Collected Company, netting a Tireless Tracker but failing to find a second creature. Nissa fetched Wilson a Forest and he passed back the turn.

That was precisely how Wilson wanted LVS's "CoCos" to go, but when Scott-Vargas again passed the turn back without play it looked like he would be going for another. Unfortunately for Wilson, who also had no play, Scott-Vargas scored a direct hit with his second Collected Company—another Tireless Tracker and a Selfless Spirit.

Luis Scott-Vargas is in good Company.

Wilson played his sixth land to bolster his Sylvan Advocate, but Scott-Vargas had a third Collected Company, this time for a pair of Reflector Mages. Wilson could do nothing more than try to trade Hissing Quagmires for Scott-Vargas's attackers, but there were more where they came from. Apparently, when Scott-Vargas said he'd Bant Wilson "so hard" he really meant hard.

Wilson mulliganed in Game 2 and was soon watching Scott-Vargas Collected Company an additional Sylvan Advocate and a Tireless Tracker into play. Wilson tried to defend with Liliana, the Last Hope, but Scott-Vargas found a sixth land to kick his Advocates up a notch and summoned Tamiyo, Field Researcher to his side. Wilson tried his best to repel the attackers, but Scott-Vargas had a Spell Queller for a Dead Weight and had two Reflector Mages in reserve to put Wilson out of his misery.

Luis Scott-Vargas defeats Jacob Wilson 2–0.

With this win, Scott-Vargas inches even closer to his third straight Pro Tour Top 8, something that was last accomplished by Jon Finkel back in the Stone Age. While the loss might take the wind out of Wilson's sails, he is definitely still in the running for Platinum if he can go 2-1-1 over the next four rounds.

Jacob Wilson's Black-Green Delirium

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Luis Scott-Vargas's Bant Company

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