Round 4: Patrick Dickmann (Bant Eldrazi Rites) vs. Brad Nelson (Jund Delirium)

Posted in Event Coverage on August 5, 2016

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Brad Nelson has successfully locked up Platinum status by making the trip down under, and is looking to further an already remarkable career with a fourth Pro Tour Top 8 here this weekend. Known as a Constructed specialist, Nelson was unsure of his Draft deck this morning, but managed to win out his pod all the same.

"Play a creature, put an enchantment on it, play another one, put an enchantment on that, remove their creature—I just kept doing that and it worked!" Nelson sounded like he could hardly believe he'd pulled it off.

"I pretty much did the same thing," Patrick Dickmann agreed as he shuffled up across from Nelson. Dickmann needed to earn at least twelve wins here this weekend to get Platinum status, and those three wins in Draft were a great start. Dickmann also has a commanding lead in the World Magic Cup captaincy race for Germany.

Knowing a "solid finish" was what he was after this weekend, Dickmann had elected to saddle up a Bant Eldrazi Rites deck and would be setting the pace in this match. Nelson was instead playing an intriguing Jund Delirium deck, combining Vessel of Nascency and Traverse the Ulvenwald with Grapple with the Past to dig deep with his defensive graveyard strategy.

The Games

Nelson won the die roll and began filling his graveyard in search of land drops, while Dickmann deployed small creatures to get the combat party started. Nelson fended off the early attackers with Fiery Impulse and a Pilgrim's Eye, but Dickmann kept coming, forcing Nelson to wipe the board with Kozilek's Return.

Brad Nelson is looking for answers. Lands too, but mostly answers.

Dickmann entered the midgame phase of his game plan and started passing the turn back with his mana open. Unsurprisingly, Nelson's Nissa, Vastwood Seer was met with a Spell Queller, and when he followed up with Liliana, the Last Hope, Dickmann had a Collected Company, giving him two Eldrazi Displacers. Nelson decided to spend some of Liliana's loyalty on bringing Emrakul, the Promised End back to his hand and braced himself for Dickmann's attack, which battered him down to 9.

Unsurprisingly, Nelson's graveyard was enticing enough for Emrakul to make an appearance, which in turn lured the Kozilek's Return out of the graveyard to wipe Dickmann's board. With the Spell Queller gone, Nissa safely returned to Nelson's side.

"That's...fine," Dickmann said, but he didn't sound like he meant it, playing a desperation Collected Company and finding a Reflector Mage for Nelson's Nissa. After Nelson had taken a turn with his cards, Dickmann played a Drowner of Hope, but it could only drown Emrakul for so long and Nelson had soon taken Game 1.

In Game 2, Dickmann attacked early on the board with a Sylvan Advocate while Nelson went for Dickmann's hand with a Transgress the Mind, taking a Collected Company over a Spell Queller. Unfortunately, Nelson failed to find a third land and Dickmann's Advocate was joined by friends. They were off to Game 3.

Both players mulliganed for the decider, and Nelson opened hostilities with a Transgress the Mind, taking Collected Company and leaving Dromoka's Command, Sylvan Advocate, Elvish Visionary, and a Westvale Abbey. Dickmann deployed the creatures as quickly as he could, while Nelson played Grapple with the Past and Traverse the Ulvenwald to fetch out Ishkanah, Grafwidow.

Dickmann attacked Nelson down to 14 and played a fourth land and an Eldrazi Skyspawner hoping to go around the promised Spider, but Nelson instead reduced Dickmann's team to a lowly Sylvan Advocate with Kozilek's Return. Dickmann again moved on to his midgame plan, attacking Nelson to 12 and passing the turn back with a bunch of mana open.

Patrick Dickmann executes his game plan.

Nelson tested the waters with Ishkanah and found them to be pleasant, netting a trio of Spider tokens for his troubles. Nelson then tried for a Vessel of Nascency, but to the surprise of nobody, Dickmann had been sitting on a Spell Queller, and the Vessel was a tasty enough target.

Dickmann played a sixth land, which was enough to move him into the endgame phase of his plan. With Nelson low on cards in hand, Dickmann's Advocate was now burly enough that Dromoka's Command allowed it to cage match the Grafwidow, and a Reflector Mage put away one of the Spider tokens.

Nelson could only pass back his turn. He had a post-combat Kozilek's Return on Dickmann's turn to try to help a Spider take down the Spell Queller, but Dickmann had a second Spell Queller. Nelson fell to 7 life in the process, and while he could wipe the board with Languish on his turn, he couldn't stop Dickmann's Lumbering Falls and Dickmann took the match.

Patrick Dickmann 2, Brad Nelson 1


Patrick Dickmann's Bant Eldrazi Rites

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Brad Nelson's Jund Delirium

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