Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica 3-0 Drafts – Day One

Posted in Event Coverage on November 9, 2018

By Adam Styborski

Stybs has played Magic the world over, writing and drafting as part of the event coverage team and slinging Commander everywhere his decks will fit.

Although the Standard rounds outnumber the Draft rounds at every Pro Tour, earning those first 9 points in the Day One draft goes a long way in setting up a Day Two run. Here's an overview of the Draft archetypes from today which notched a 3-0 start.

Archetype Count % of 3-0 Decks
Boros (RW) 20 32.8%
Dimir (UB) 7 11.5%
Izzet (UR) 6 9.8%
Jeskai (WUR) 6 9.8%
Golgari (BG) 5 8.2%
Grixis (UBR) 5 8.2%
Abzan (GWB) 4 6.6%
Selesnya (GW) 3 4.9%
Naya (RGW) 2 3.3%
Sultai (UBG) 2 3.3%
Five Colors 1 1.6%

Popular consensus is that Dimir is the most powerful pair of colors in Draft. At the Pro Tour, it was Boros that took the biggest slot alone as a whopping one third of the entire 3-0 drafts—followed by Dimir and Izzet at 10% or so each. Half the 3-0 field were two-color decks built on guilds in the set. Selesnya and Golgari, generally viewed as less powerful, lagged behind but closer than some would have predicted.

Things get interesting when you tease apart the guild combinations across all decks. The abundance of Guildgates and powerful, splashy rares like Vraska, Golgari Queen open up three color plans too. Jeskai, Grixis, and Abzan—the latter a combination of two "weaker" guilds—are each one guild splashing another in some form, or a deck going big on multiple Guildgates plus Glaive of the Guildpact or Gatekeeper Gargoyle. In fact, one deck had every Guildgate, Gateway Plaza, and played multicolor cards crossing every color!

Overall, the dominance of Boros followed by Dimir and Izzet reflect the established perspective players found in their testing. The start of Day Two, with higher stakes and a winnowed field of even more skilled players, will wrap the story on what Guilds of Ravnica Draft looks like.

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