Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica 3-0 Drafts - Day Two

Posted in Event Coverage on November 10, 2018

By Adam Styborski

Stybs has played Magic the world over, writing and drafting as part of the event coverage team and slinging Commander everywhere his decks will fit.

Day Two of the Pro Tour is always the hardest draft for players. A 3-0 start can make or break a run for Top 8—and is always a hard-pressed battle for contenders. Here's the breakdown of archetypes that earned a Saturday Draft 3-0.

Archetype Count % of 3-0 Archetypes
Boros (RW) 9 23.1%
Dimir (UB) 8 20.5%
Izzet (UR) 5 12.8%
Golgari (BG) 4 10.3%
Selesnya (GW) 3 7.7%
Jeskai (WUR) 3 7.7%
Abzan (GWB) 3 7.7%
Naya (RGW) 2 5.1%
Grixis (UBR) 1 2.6%
Sultai (UBG) 1 2.6%

Unlike Friday's 3-0 Draft archetypes, Boros isn't the runaway winner, at least not alone. Dimir evened up with the Legion forces, with the other two-color pairs falling in line behind. Selesnya continued to underperform in earning Draft trophies, with Golgari and Izzet inching ahead over the three-color options—a reversal from the day before.

Five players notched the coveted 6-0 Pro Tour Draft record over two days: Shuihei Nakamura, Mike Chen, Michael Bernat, Adriano Moscato, and Mike Sigrist from team ChannelFireball.

Mike Sigrist

"I drafted as much as I could on Magic Online for the first two weeks," Sigrist said. "I was playing in the team Grand Prix in Denver with Eric Froehlich and Ben Stark and I didn't want to let them down. I did a little on MTG Arena too."

What did Sigrist take away from all his prep?

"Everyone has Dimir and Boros as number one and number two, but I have Izzet and Dimir as one and two," Sigrist said. "There's a lot of blue-based instant-speed removal—Capture Sphere, Hypothesizzle, Artful Takedown—and all of those play well with the countermagic in the format. All my sorcery-speed cards are three or less mana if I can help it, and it gives me the option to cast a counterspell, removal, or Radical Idea if they don't do anything on their turn. I can use my mana no matter what."

  • Artful Takedown
  • Hypothesizzle
  • Capture Sphere
  • Radical Idea
  • Disdainful Stroke
  • Devious Cover-Up
  • Sinister Sabotage

"You should be open to everything," he said, "but I avoid Selesnya like the plague. Golgari is the archetype I'm third most likely to draft. I rarely draft Boros. I think it's good but it's not as good as either of the blue-based guilds, and I don't want to fight other people for the guild I like fourth."

"Early in drafts I bias toward branching into blue. Basically I pick black, red, and blue—Grixis—cards higher. I'm open to being Golgari and splashing Artful Takedown or something," Sigrist said. "A lot of the spells—Hypothesizzle, Direct Current with its jump start—are kind of two-for-ones, and there's enough ways to generate value creatures are less important. If you don't generate enough value you'll flood out. And it's really hard to attack on the ground because of all the deathtouch creatures. My teammates like Rosemane Centaur and I've argued with them about it since in a normal format it's a very good card but I really think it isn't here."

"I don't value creatures very highly in this format. The spells are very good. I think I had seven creatures in my first Draft deck, and eight or nine in my second," said Sigrist.

"A lot of my team disagreed with my style, and my team crushed it in Limited this weekend. I think there's a lot of ways to approach this Limited format; this is just how I approach it."

Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica Draft 1 — Mike Sigrist

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Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica Draft 2 — Mike Sigrist

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