18-20 Point Standard Decklists

Posted in PRO TOUR KALADESH on October 16, 2016

By Wizards of the Coast

Seventy-eight players earned 18-20 points from their Standard rounds at Pro Tour Kaladesh. Seventy—yes, 70—of those players hit exactly 18 points (6-4), eight got to 19 points (6-3-1), and not a single player received 20 points (6-2-2). Because that’s a weird score to have.

The following players finished with 19 points (6-3-1) in Standard:

friberg, jonas - Green-Blue Aetherworks

Hill, Tyler - Black-Green Delirium

Ishihara, Jun - Temur Emerge

Jaudy, Tulio - Temur Control

Nagro, Jacob - Black-Green Delirium

Nass, Matthew - Temur Aetherworks

ogawa, shota - White-Blue Control

Strasky, Ondrej - Jund Delirium

The following players finished with 18 points (6-4) in Standard:

Black, Joe - Red-White Vehicles

Blankevoort, Tijmen - Grixis Colossus

Boussaud, Eliott - Blue-Red Emerge

Burkhart, Corey - Temur Aetherworks

Cabrera, Leandro Joaquin - Bant Midrange

Calcano, Christian - White-Blue Flash