21-23 Point Standard Decklists

Posted in PRO TOUR KALADESH on October 16, 2016

By Wizards of the Coast

Forty-six players earned 21-23 points from their Standard rounds at Pro Tour Kaladesh. Forty-Three of those players hit exactly 21 points (7-3), three got to 22 points (7-2-1), and precisely zero players received 23 points (7-1-2).

The following players finished with 22 points (7-2-1) in Standard:

Hull, Ben - Red-White Vehicles

Lee, Shi Tian - Mardu Vehicles

Watanabe, Yuuya - Bant Aetherworks

The following players finished with 21 points (7-3) in Standard:

baumeister, corey - Black-Red Aggro

betesh, ralph - Temur Emerge

Budde, Kai - Red-White Vehicles

Campanino, Fabrizio - Red-White Humans

Carleton-Barnes, Gabriel - Black-Red Aggro

Carson, Erik - Red-White Vehicles

Chew, Kelvin - Temur Energy

De Colle, Mattia - Red-White Humans

Dean, Paul - Black-Green Delirium

del moral leon, antonio - White-Blue Midrange

Enevoldsen, Thomas - White-Black Aggro

Flickinger, Eric - Mardu Vehicles