Round 4: Oliver Tiu (Temur Aetherworks) vs. Marc Tobiasch (Grixis Colossus)

Posted in Event Coverage on October 15, 2016

By Corbin Hosler

Marc Tobiasch is a skilled player and Pro Tour regular from Germany. He has one career Grand Prix Top 8 courtesy of an eighth-place finish at Grand Prix Boston-Worcester in 2014 and has achieved some success on the Pro Tour. Still, he's never quite broken through and achieved the high level of success Magic players dream of.

Oliver Tiu is the embodiment of that dream. The 18-year-old Massachusetts native exploded onto the scene with a Top 8 appearance at Grand Prix Providence last year and never looked back, as his professional career burned as brightly as possible. Three Grand Prix Top 8s, a Rookie of the Year title, and a deep run at the 2016 World Championship later, Tiu is now at the top of the Magic world, a platinum pro who expects success at every tournament.

And that's exactly what Tiu, the 15th-ranked player in the world, had found so far at Pro Tour Kaladesh, starting the tournament with a 3-0 run in his first draft pod, the same as Tabiasch. Only one would leave Round 4 unscathed.

Rookie of the Year and Constructed Master Oliver Tiu sat down for the first round of Standard at the Pro Tour to face off against Germany's Marc Tobiasch.

The Decks

Both players fully embraced the inventor feel of Kaladesh, playing innovative decks that aimed to pull off inventive “combos” of sorts.

For Tobiasch, that meant Metalwork Colossus. With a deck full of value artifacts and vehicles like Cultivator's Caravan, the deck could turbo out the giant construct. And when it did—as early as the fifth turn—it could turn into a steady stream of colossi thanks to Sanctum of Ugin. Rounded out with more powerful colorless threats in Elder Deep-Fiend and Kozilek's Return, the deck could control the board in the early and midgame and then combo out a colossal finish.

Tiu was even more all-in, opting to roll the dice on the powerful-but-risky Aetherworks Marvel. Filled with ways to make energy and find the deck's namesake card, the list could power out a fourth-turn Aetherworks Marvel with the energy to activate it. When it did, the goal was to find and cast Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger or Emrakul, the Promised End to close the game quickly.

Quite the battle of inventions.

The Games

With neither player looking to interact much in the first game, it became a race with each party attempting to sprint to the finish line before their opponent. And, even if they didn't know it when they sat down, the first two turns made that point clear to both players.

Tobiasch started things off with a Glint-Nest Crane, while Tiu responded in turn with a Woodweaver's Puzzleknot that he cracked on his next turn to generate six energy. Tobiasch played the first creature of the match in Matter Reshaper, a resilient threat to begin attacking.

Tiu's deck was a contraption that was completely ballistic when operating on all cylinders.

A good creature, to be sure, but nothing like the biggest Eldrazi of them all: Emrakul, the Promised End. Like clockwork, Tiu cast the tentacled monster on the fourth turn after playing and activating Aetherworks Marvel. Two short attack steps later and the first game was over.

“Decent draw, right?” Tobiasch lamented as the pair shuffled up for the second game.

“Yeah, it was the nuts,” Tiu responded.

Tiu may have lived the dream in the first game, but the second game didn't go quite as easily. Transgress the Mind for Tobiasch revealed three Marvels for Tiu but no way to produce the requisite energy. Meanwhile, Cultivator's Caravan for Tobiasch pushed him toward the Colossus in hand, and Sanctum of Ugin on the battlefield meant the pressure would continue if he reached that point.

While Tobiasch wasn't casting any turn-four Emrakuls, his Metalwork Colossus deck was capable of some very, very frightening turns.

Fortunately for Tiu, he was able to spend his next turn casting Attune with Aether and then Woodweaver's Puzzleknot. That meant when he untapped on his fifth turn it was time to tap the Aetherworks Marvel and go searching.

When she is called, Emrakul answers. At least in this match.

The biggest Eldrazi arrived for Tiu, and after one attack knocked Tobiasch low, the German needed a big play to make a comeback. He had exactly that, getting enough artifacts into play to cast Metalwork Colossus, sacrificing Sanctum of Ugin to search up Elder Deep-Fiend. With the Colossus, that represented a chance to steal the game out from Emrakul.

Once again, Tiu spun the wheel of marvel, and once again it answered the reigning Rookie of the Year. Ceremonious Rejection appeared to counter the Colossus, and with his threat taken off the table, Tobiasch had seen enough, extending his hand and conceding the match to send Tiu to 4-0 in the tournament.

Tiu 2 – Tobiasch 0


Tiu, Oliver - Temur Aetherworks

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Togores, Rodrigo - Temur Aetherworks

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