Posted in PRO TOUR KHANS OF TARKIR - COVERAGE - EVENTS on October 12, 2014

By Ray Walkinshaw and Craig Gibson

Take a look through the photos from Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir, courtesy of reporter Ray Walkinshaw and photographer Craig Gibson!

A look across a sea of famous Magic players. Plus an accurate representation of just how tall our cameraman is!

Competitors eager to battle and appear in photos queuing for registration on Friday.

And this is what they're queuing for this weekend.

For players eliminated from the tournament, there's a silver lining: they can step outside into this right here. As in literally, Waikiki Beach. In Hawaii. We're in Hawaii. Why am I still inside typing this?!

Oh right, because I'm back here helping bring this fantastic show to you, our beloved viewers.

Here's us covering a draft for you. This is how we construct the draft viewer.

This is Organized Play Programs Manager Scott Larabee, who is also working hard to hey wait a minute, are they going draft cool old packs without me?!

Here are some people who aren't messing around, our diligent judges lead by head judge Toby Elliott.

Here's a view of the feature match area you probably haven't seen, looking back out to the hall. This is how I view things when they let me out to write stuff.

This is what the matches you don't see look like.

When you're at the Pro Tour, you can hang around actual famous people like team ChannelFireball.

And famous people from France.

And famous people from Korea.

And famous people from Magic's storied past! (This is Adrian Sullivan, for you young 'uns at home.)

And this guy, who is more talented than you could imagine. Look at him, he's not even looking where he places his fingers!