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By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Roar! Smash! Tinkle! Sorry, Clan Temur is not used to fragile laptops. Clan Temur will get you a new one. But are you sure you wouldn't rather just scratch simple phrases in the dirt instead? No? Okay well, it takes all sorts!

So do you want to know all about Clan Temur? Does a bear get punched in the woods? Of course you do! Okay, are you listening closely? Here's how you win with Temur:


It's as easy as that. You summon monsters and then you make all your stuff FEROCIOUS and PUNCH THINGS, it's AWESOME. Seriously, spells played by other clans are actually tame while ours are literally ferocious. How can you possibly top that? You can't, that's how!

Brian Kibler understands the power of Temur!

Look, can I have my laptop back please? Thank you. No, please put down Mr. Corbin Hosler, we need him for a feature match this round. Okay, thank you, yes, goodbye.

Sorry about all that punching nonsense. You're probably expecting me to tell you that Temur is more than just monsters and punching things, but that's actually a lot closer to the truth than you'd think. There are some tricky things you can do within the clan, but according to Sam Black, the absolute best thing you can do is draft every Alpine Grizzly and Savage Punch that you see. However, the power level drops of significantly if you're sharing your Grizzlies and Punches with other drafters at the table.

Stanislav Cifka has done remarkably well in Khans of Tarkir draft this weekend, not dropping a match on either day. To give you a little variety, his 3-0 deck from Day Two is an entirely different approach to Temur than the one advocated by Sam Black.

Stanislav Cifka – Khans of Tarkir Booster Draft

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Other cards that are strong in Temur decks, according to Ari Lax, are things like Awaken the Bear and Dragonscale Boon, as they allow you to trump morphs for less than five mana. Guillaume Matignon fondly referred to Woolly Loxodon as "the King of Morphs" because if you turn it face up, nothing beats it.

Sadly, the news is not as good for Temur in Constructed. Brian Kibler brought a Temur brew with him this weekend, but soon retired from the tournament to enjoy the gorgeous weather and beaches outside the venue. Not every clan can be the best clan at the Pro Tour, and the representation of Temur in the Standard metagame is a bit barren, but perhaps Temur is just hibernating for now...