Posted in PRO TOUR MAGIC 2015 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 2, 2014

By Josh Bennett

Quick Questions starts off with a look at awkward or retrospectively rough first picks in the first pack for select pro players here this weekend. What does it say about their drafting tendencies in this format?

Looking back at all the Magic 2015 drafts you've done, what's the worst card you've taken Pick 1, Pack 1?

Tzu-Ching Kuo, 6-2 on Day 1 - Some green card probably. I hate drafting green in this set. I'll do anything I can to avoid it.

William Jensen (20), 8-0 on Day 1 - I think I once took Aeronaut Tinkerer, which might be worse than Bronze Sable.

Tom Martell (7), 5-3 on Day 1 - Oreskos Swiftclaw. One-toughness guys are so bad in this format.

Melissa de Tora, 6-2 on Day 1 - Liliana Vess. She's good, but it's a risky pick. You'd much rather take her later once you know what your deck looks like.

Eric Froehlich (21), 5-3 on Day 1 - I've first-picked Midnight Guard at least three times.

Jon Finkel, 6-2 on Day 1 - I've first-picked some pretty bad cards, a lot worse than Welkin Tern, I'll tell you that. Probably Runeclaw Bear.