Posted in PRO TOUR MAGIC 2015 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 2, 2014

By Josh Bennett

We kick off our second Quick Questions with a look at six pro player's favorite Magic 2015 Booster Draft "pet cards." These are the cards that may be good, but not the best, that a player can't help but play when able.

Do you have any pet cards in Magic 2015?

Bob Maher, Hall of Famer - Ensoul Artifact. The Blue-Red artifact deck is insanely powerful, but almost impossible to draft because you need a very specific set of cards. I chickened out of drafting it here, and I would've wound up with an unbeatable deck if I'd pulled the trigger.

William "Huey" Jensen, Hall of Famer - The Chain Veil. Make sure you put that down.

Matt Sperling - Brood Keeper. The Red-White Brood Keeper / Auras deck is one of the best you can have in this format.

Raphael Levy, Hall of Famer - Soulmender. It does so much. It trades with x/1 creatures, but unlike those it does something in a standoff. The life is actually really relevant in this format. It's still the MVP since Magic 2014.

Jeremy Dezani, Player of the Year Hopeful - Probably Darksteel Citadel and Ornithopter. I love the artifact deck.

Jon Finkel, Hall of Famer - Sanctified Charge. I mean, I really like Sanctified Charge. A lot of people undervalued it early. I don't know if they've come around or what, but it's a really powerful spell.