In Round 14, Eivind Nitter had to battle Ed Fear for the honor of making the Top 8. Fear looked to be the favorite, but it was Nitter who came out ahead and advanced to the final draft.

Nitter first-picked Beast Attack and never looked back, and his green/red deck was good enough to beat everyone he encountered, including Svend Geertsen in the quarterfinals and Bram Snepvangers in the finals. Nitter becomes the second Norwegian Pro Tour Champion (the first was Sigurd Eskeland in 1999.), and gets to take $30,000 back to Scandinavia with him.

But if Nitter won, that means... Kai lost?! Yes, the fantastic Sunday Streak is at an end; Snepvangers bested Budde in three straight in the quarterfinals.


Top 8 Final Standing

1.Eivind Nitter (Norway) $30,000
2.Bram Snepvangers (Netherlands) $20,000
3.Svend Geertsen (Denmark) $15,000
4.Brian Davis (USA) $13,000
5.Kai Budde (Germany) $9,500
6.Anton Jonsson (Sweden) $8,500
7.Gary Talim (USA) $7,500
8.Benjamin Niedrig (Switzerland) $6,500

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top 8 bracket


1. Svend Geertsen

8. Benjamin Niedrig

4. Gary Talim

5. Eivind Nitter

2. Kai Budde

7. Bram Snepvangers

3. Anton Jonsson

6. Brian Davis


Svend Geertsen, 3-1

Eivind Nitter, 3-1

Bram Snepvangers, 3-0

Brian Davis, 3-2


Eivind Nitter, 3-2

Bram Snepvangers, 3-2


Eivind Nitter, 3-0


Quick Interview (archive)

"What is the best deck in Standard right now?"

Jeff Fung: "Battle of Wits, I went 4-3 with it when I played Regionals for fun." Kamiel Cornelissen: "G/U/R, but I don't really know, because I haven't played any games with it." Jon Finkel: "Psychatog."

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