Welcome to Sideboard Online's ongoing coverage of Pro Tour-New York 2000.

Congratulations to Sigurd Eskeland for winning Pro Tour-New York 2000 and to Team Black Ops for winning the Magic: The Gathering Team Challenge 2000!

Watch for the ESPN2 broadcast of the PTNY 2000 Top 8 coming in mid-June.

Last update: Sunday, April 16, 6:00 PM PDT

Final Standings

Sigurd Eskeland def. Warren Marsh, 3-1
Sigurd Eskeland def. Mattias Kettil, 3-2
Warren Marsh def. Ben Rubin, 3-1
Mattias Kettil def. John Larkin, 3-1
Sigurd Eskeland def. Travis G. Turning, 3-1
Warren Marsh def. Mike Bregoli, 3-0
Ben Rubin def. John Hunka, 3-1

Top 8 After Swiss

  1. John Larkin - Dublin, Ireland
  2. Ben Rubin - San Francisco, CA
  3. Mike Bregoli - Southwick, MA
  4. Travis G. Turning - Tampa, FL
  5. Sigurd Eskeland - Bekkestua, Norway
  6. Warren Marsh - Notts, UK
  7. John Hunka - Norton, OH
  8. Mattias Kettil - Gothenburg, Sweden

Team Challenge Finals
Black Ops def. Antarctica, 2-1
Team Challenge Semifinals
Antarctica def. Your Move Games, 2-1
Black Ops def. Game Empire, 2-1