18-20 Point Standard Decklists

Posted in PRO TOUR MAGIC ORIGINS on August 2, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

A total of 37 players earned 18-20 points from their Standard rounds at Pro Tour Magic Origins, with 30 of those players finishing with 18 points (6-4) and the other 7 grabbing an extra point to finish with 19 (6-3-1).

The following players finished with 19 points (6-3-1) in Standard:

Pierre Dagen

Yang Fanchen

Daniel Fournier

Frank Karsten

Bartlomiej Lewandowski

Seth Manfield

Shaun McLaren

The following players finished with 18 points (6-4) in Standard:

Christian Ahlstrom

Trent Avera

Andrew Brown

Austin Bursavich

Daniel Cecchetti

Andrew Cuneo

Lars Dam

Anand Dosinont